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RAZR with Android 2.3 complete review and specification: The thinnest Smartphone in the world

Motorola’s Razr is not only extremely flat, but also looks good, too. The first class Ausstatttung include an AMOLED display and a 1.2-GHz dual-core processor. As it is with the competitiveness, the test shows.

Manufacturer: Motorola

List Price: 520 €



Motorola’s new flagship decreases the Samsung S2 Galaxy the prestigious title of “The thinnest smartphone in the world” – and by up to 1.4 mm at a height of 7.1 mm at the thinnest point. In both cases however, there is a bulge in the design to accommodate the lens of the 8-megapixel camera. This looks at first glance seem odd, but it’s quite handy. At this “handle” can be drawn from the Razr wonderful his pants pocket.

But as good a super slim design of the RAZR looks too – it has a few drawbacks. The space for a removable battery cover including locking mechanism was apparently no longer exists, so the current memory tightly integrated inside. And that’s probably one of the most negative points you can copy from the iPhone. It also has been in the 4.3-inch class, the largest – obviously because the developers needed in place to outsource parts of the electronics. It looks a little as if Motorola had taken a Atrix and pressed – with the effect that it has become flatter course, but also longer and wider.

It convinces the AMOLED display. It shows a perfect contrast and deep black. They also view it offers bright colors and text and crisper images. It has the same resolution as the LCD panel of the HTC Sensation (960 times 540 pixels) to release, yet less at high than the iPhone 4S (960 times 640 pixels) or the Samsung Nexus Galaxy (1280 x 720 pixels). Due to the AMOLED technology like the presentation but better than the sensation.

Interestingly, Motorola has provided the complete unit on the inside and outside with a water-repellent layer. Really tight, it becomes not, but if something comes with a few drops of water in contact with beads, at least immediately. Bushings are rubber stopper on it but not – a fall in the water should still be so deadly.


Motorola fans will be pleased that the Razr is the liquor smartphone, which the manufacturer has ever built. Under the hood is a dual-core processor runs at 1.2 GHz, which is 1 GB of memory. For the graphics means there is an additional PowerVR SGX540 – and hence the same GPU as the iPhone 4 This leaves still room for improvement, such as the iPhone or the HTC Sensation XE 4S with its 1.5 GHz fast dual-core processor, but still.

Bottom line it comes down to 100 MHz or her anyway not to. But whether the device works smoothly and responds smoothly to commands. It does, and it is also responsible for the revised software. It is everywhere attractive animations that run smoothly and thus increase the perceived performance of the phone on.

The user interface relies on Android 2.3 (2.3.5) and is a giant step in the right direction – at least compared to the previous MotoBlur interface. There are new widgets, appealing animations and useful links. In combination with the fast hardware, the Razr shows impressively fast. Simple apps require almost no loading time – phone, address book and calendar are in the foreground on tap, and even large-scale 3D games load quickly.

As a consolation for the built-in battery, at least its staying power is above average. Unfortunately, it’s all about for hours and not days – and so it brings the bottom line is not so much because it already conveyed to and charger. With an active UMTS and push notification for e-mail and social networking news keeps the Razr in otherwise low usage by 16 to 18 hours. Who is doing everything to it, to consume as little energy, creates one and a half days. And in everyday use with intensive use to get there – as is usual in this class – from morning until evening.




If there is a hook on the Razr, then there is the 8-megapixel camera. She is definitely not on par with what Apple has to offer, Samsung and HTC. As usual, there is a lack of details, but in addition there are colors that look very washed out.

Moreover, the position of the lens is not chosen just happy. She sits at the top left of the back of the phone and in close proximity to the Photo light. Every couple of shots is either a part of the lens covered with a finger or the light from the flash has been reflected from a finger, that the recording has totally eclipsed. But that’s probably the price you pay for it must be the thinnest smartphone in the world to have.

Succeed in this video. The camera captures moving images in full HD resolution – that is 1080p. Of course you cannot compare the result with a real camcorder, but quick movements are captured well pleased, and there are no problems with changing light conditions.


Apple has pushed the launch of its iPhone 4S Siri especially in the foreground – the virtual assistant. Presumably the Motorola software will not catch nearly as much attention, but she has really earned it.

There is for example a program called moto cast. Who are more music, videos and movies on his computer, when limited, can accommodate 16 GB memory of the Razr, does exactly this software. As long as the home PC is running and connected to the Internet, users can access online to all content that are stored there. The installation on the PC is made from the Fund’s first USB connection to your phone. In practice it works well pleasing. Even over a UMTS connection is playing videos, even if the playback quality suffers a little from here to the strong compression.

There are also so-called smart actions that the user can help to prolong the battery life significantly. He can define switches that respond either by location or by time – for example, and turn off WLAN when you leave the apartment, and enable Bluetooth for handsfree in the car only if it is neither at home nor at work. There are also convenience features such as automatic control volume or to customize the background image. The 30 percent savings, the Motorola promises up with the smart action, may be somewhat exaggerated, yet one is happy about every hour and the battery lasts longer in practice.

There is only one catch there: pity is that the Razr is already on the market. For it would be only a few weeks later, it, it might get even from the factory, the new Android 4.0. Sun buyers have to wait for an update – but at least what was already announced.


The new Razr has all but name with the old nothing in common. And the fact that both of them at the time of its launch were a big hit – are, respectively. Of course, the type of taste, but the new Razr drops to like his namesake – and that alone already speaks to a certain target group. Apart from the fact that the camera is not just better than average, also agrees with the rest, the new RAZR is super fast, well equipped and has an excellent display.

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