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RC Planes are beloved by aviation enthusiasts and hobbyists alike for their exciting ability to immerse you in the thrill of flight. Whether you’re a career jet pilot or an aspiring young cadet, RC planes can provide you with endless hours of entertainment out in the sun. RC planes, or Remote Controlled Planes, as they’re also known, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and difficulties, but they all have one thing in common: they are an absolute blast to fly!

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Some remote control planes are powered by electricity, meaning you either need to juice up their rechargeable battery before take-off or load them up with fresh disposable batteries. Still other RC planes are powered by special mixtures of liquid fuel – this variety of remote controlled plane usually requires a good bit more knowledge than the far simpler electric versions.

If you are a newbie who’s afraid of crashing and permanently damaging your new investment, you can opt for easy to operate and highly crash resistant foam RC planes. These foam RC planes typically fly at a slower top-speed, feature very thick and durable foam bodies, and can take an admirable amount of punishment before they are too beaten to fly again. If you are just curious about flying RC planes as a hobby and you want an inexpensive introduction you don’t really have to worry about much, you can’t go wrong with beginner foam RC planes when selecting your first remote controlled aircraft.

Depending upon the theaters of aviation that most inspire and interest you, there are plenty of RC planes available that will speak to your particular passion. For example, WW2 buffs will definitely appreciate the impressive variety of replica World War Two RC war-birds. You can find everything from the P-51D mustang to the Japanese Zero in remote control airplane form. These are great fun, especially when you get together a group of friends that want to fly RC planes together and set-up elaborate mock dogfights.

RC planes can range in size from the teeny-tiny micro aircraft that you can fly indoors, all the way up to massive 10 or 12 foot long aircraft that require several airmen to get airborne. One of the best things about flying RC planes as a hobby is that there are so many ways to personalize the hobby. If you only have a few extra dollars to spare on recreation, you can find a complete foam RC plane flying kit for about $45 or less. If you are a dedicated and somewhat fanatical hobbyist and aviation enthusiast, you can easily invest several thousands of dollars in building and flying replica modern jet fighter RC planes that will burn fuel, dazzle onlookers and perform impressive feats of aerial acrobatics and death-defying stunts.

You can look for local RC plane flying clubs in your area and become a member of the chapter nearest you in order to enjoy your new hobby to the fullest. Veteran remote controlled plane pilots can be some of your most valuable resources when trying to learn this challenging but highly rewarding new hobby.

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