Re-directing An Alzheimer Patient

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Caring for your loved one is quite challenging at times, but also rewarding, that you know they are safe in your care. Try to incorporate praying with your loved one, it will give you and it will give them peace and calmness to get through tough days.Always believe that all people regardless of age, health, or ability are valued members of the community.

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First when you see a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease wandering, determine the type of wandering. Is it really aimless, or is the wandering goal-directed? Then determine if the wandering is an attempt to gain something (stimulation, food, drink, security, or physical activity because of restlessness)

Supervise Constructively

Remember that restlessness and pacing are common during some phases of Alzheimer’s disease. Supervise this activity constructively. Walk with the person in a safe and stimulating area. (Too much stimulation can be overwhelming at times.)

Is It a Stressful Environment

Determine if the wandering behavior is a response to stressful environmental factors. For example, too much noise or demands placed on the person too quickly and forcefully may precipitate behavior that results in wandering and getting lost.

Is It a Reaction to Fear

Determine if the person’s apparent wandering is a reaction to fear. Has the individual misinterpreted sights or sounds? Are these delusions or hallucinations? Is she trying to get away from something that frightens her? If so, wandering may be her attempt to seek security and safety. Relate to this need.

Medication Reactions

If you believe the wandering is created by medications, consult your physician right away. Document everything that has been going on, so your physician can have a clear view and review the medications that have been prescribed.

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Re-directing An Alzheimer Patient, Seekyt
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