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Read, Learn, Develop a New Mindset


This is my first article on Seekyt. My writing goals are to motivate, inform, inspire, and make a difference. I hope you all enjoy!

Growing up, I was always told what is expected of me. Superiors told me what to to, how to do it, and what to believe. My friends and had peers had influenced my interests and how I spent my time. I didn’t read. I played video games and watched t.v. non-stop. I guess you can say I had a normal childhood. I never thought any different. Then something changed in me! I was recommended the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. After reading it, everything I thought I knew was challenged. I became interested in learning like never before. I’m not talking about the typical learning that everyone thinks of in terms of scholastic education. I’m talking about becoming a more well-rounded individual with multiple interests. This is what real learning is!

I am currently a Master’s student in Accounting. I think of myself as an intelligent, hard-working individual. However, there are many classmates of mine that have a natural talent for learning this specific material. They all strive to earn a well-paying job once they graduate. I am not saying I would not like job security or a respected job, but I feel as if I am in a different boat than everyone else. Despite the common track of an individual in my profession, I do not want to enter a position where I sit in a cubicle and do busy work.

This is where my desire to learn other material comes into play. At the age of 21, I had not read a book other than one assigned in class. Now one year later, I have read nearly 35 books on various topics business, entrepreneurship, psychology, body language, persuasion, success, and communication. This has all occurred while I have been taking a full class load and working part-time. It has been a dramatic change for me, but an extremely impactful one. I now think completely different about life, hard-work, success, and education. I am now committed to making a difference in some way, whatever that may be. This gives me a reason to get up every morning and work on my goals and challenges.

I pass this along to help anyone that is stuck in a situation similar to mine. Change can be a difficult thing. But it can also be a postive experience. If you feel stuck, try reading some new material. Do something you aren’t accustomed to doing. Introduce a new topic to someone and listen.

It is never to late to adopt a new mindet. Go explore!

Read, Learn, Develop a New Mindset
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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