Reading A Course In Miracles Can Bring One Joy

A Course In Miracles is a book scribed in the 1970’s by a Jewish woman. She scribed it for Jesus. It is a beautiful book, and reading it can bring one joy. One can buy a digital copy from for under 10 dollars.

The book has many things to say. It says humans are in Heaven now. It says that the ego does not exist. It says that all humans are going to Heaven, because they are all already in Heaven.

The language in the book is beautifully edited. It flows smoothly. One might become more intelligent by reading it simply because the language is so intricate.

There is a public domain version of the book. A copy was legally released into the public domain in the early 2000’s.

The book guides one on how to be in touch with The Holy Spirit. According to ACIM, The Holy Spirit will guide one on how to experience joy and peace in their life. The book says that one need not worry about what they say or do as long as they intend on following The Holy Spirit and The Will of God.

There is much less fire and brimstone in A Course In Miracles, than there is in The Bible. The relationship to A Course In Miracles to Christianity is perhaps somewhat like the relationship of Christianity to Judaism.

Many hundreds of thousands of copies of A Course In Miracles exist. There are many experts on A Course In Miracles who give talks and/or write books about ACIM.

Perhaps all humans should read this miraculous book. There would perhaps be more peace on this Earth if more humans embrace the wisdom that this book expounds.

There should perhaps be more places for Coursies (those who study A Course In Miracles) to gather. This will perhaps happen in time. There are many groups on this Earth that are dedicated to studying ACIM together. It is not hard to find a group to study with, perhaps. So, ACIM can bring one joy if they study it intently.