Reading Comprehension Strategies

How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is one of the common tests included in just about every type of important test you need to take. From the SATs to the GMAT – you are always analyzed on your knowledge of language comprehension. This is why reading comprehension strategies can help you excel at such tests.

What is Reading Comprehension?

The level of understanding of a written paragraph or text is known as reading comprehension. If a person possesses a better reading ability and has the proficiency to recognize words fast, making the least amount of effort, they are better at reading comprehension because it means they have a better understanding of any written text.

For those who are slow at reading comprehension, they will be slower in processing things and it will take them longer to process information. This is why tests have reading comprehension sections which analyze your ability to comprehend and fully understand writing so you can have better proficiency in other fields.

Can You Learn Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension can be learned and improved with the help of good reading comprehension strategies. But on the whole reading comprehension is a strategy one develops over a life time – beginning from a very young age.

Using Reading Comprehension Strategies

There are several reading comprehension strategies that can be used in order to improve and enhance word recognition power and to increase the speed of word recognition. Educators believe that if someone has a better ability to understand the given text and they can analyze it faster they are going to be better at studies.

The idea is to help a student comprehend text before they can properly read it even. Some are actually helping kindergarten kids develop this strategy. But another school of thought believes that this kind of learning should be restricted to older students.

Reading comprehension strategies are simply a way for the students to learn comprehension. There is no defined idea of what those strategies should be and it is pretty much on a trial and error basis but at least you have some guidelines that you can follow.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

There are plenty of effective reading comprehension strategies available which help students predict, analyze, summarize and clarify given text at a faster speed. Techniques like reciprocal teaching, are a part of reading comprehension strategies that have been very successful.

Other reading programs suggest discussions, reciprocal teaching, mind maps, reading comprehension activities, story pyramids, visualization, inferring, summarizing, evaluation, synthesizing, shuffle photography activities and many more. The idea is to help the student make a connection with the text that allows them to comprehend the passage in a faster and more effective way.

Reading Comprehension Strategies Summary

Reading comprehension is an integral part of any aptitude test that you are going to take in order to get into the school and degree program of your choice. The reason is that the educators basically analyze your proficiency in understanding the written word and they want to know how fast you are at comprehending what the text is saying. The faster a person is in this activity, the better they would be at studies.