I believe I’ve found another way to crown a real national champion in

the FBS Division of college football.

In order to do this you will have to have a copy of the latest copy of the

final standings of the 2014 season. You will also need a book that has

the college team schedules of all the teams in Division I.

The next thing you do is give number #1 team 25 points and go down the

the list in reverse points. In this one we have 26 teams instead 25, I will

explain this later.

Now you go the list of teams and see if they play anyone in your top 26

teams and give them the corresponding points of the ones they play.

When you finish this, you add the points given each of these teams.

Now you know who has the toughest schedule to play.

Now as each game of the season is played you give to the points for those

that win and deduct those from those that lose.

Now this is were a team that isn’t in the top twenty five has a chance to get

into the top twenty six teams.

By the end of the season you should have an idea or actually have a REAL

national Champion.

Now I will tell you why I have 26 teams instead of 25 teams, This is to make

the 13 oldest bowls relevant. You have the top two teams play in the Rose Bowl

and go down the line of Bowls. Remember to continue the point system until the

bowls have been played unless the number one team is so far ahead they can’t be


Now to give all the top 26 teams a chance to play in all the Bowls you rotate the

teams to each bowl.

I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe comment on it.