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It’s obvious that if you want to buy a home you need a sturdy foundation. Clean water and sewage is a plus+. There are several model homes to choose from here. Depending on how much money you’ve got saved up you can either rent, lease, sub-lease, or buy a home.

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A home can come in many different shapes and sizes. A home may be already built or a construction company may be hired to build you a home from the ground-up. Homes can range from an apartment to a condo to a home built on barren land.

If you entirely buy off your home you still have to pay a property tax. It’s wise to make small payments on your home and/or re-finance your home.

Our friends are realtors. A project of theirs included building seven to fourteen Town homes and selling them for a marginal profit.

To be a realtor a pleasant personality is required. A realtor must take a stranger by the hand and ask them the question: ‘Are you interested in spending your waking days and lonely nights in this home?’

Foreclosures, tax sales, and liens are the some of the basics of real estate. As a realtor you can get commission off of any sale.

In Los Angeles, for those that are wealthy, high rises were a place to rest your head in the 80’s and 90’s. Now, it’s the traditional home in Beverly Hills.

In the 90’s, my dream was to live in one of those high rises overlooking Wilshire Blvd of Los Angeles, CA.

Now, I figure that I live closer to the ocean so that I can surf.

I know of someone that owns a home in Hollywood Hills. They’ve got a good view but they’re far away from the action.

Some celebrities have homes in Malibu that act as retreats.

Venice Beach offers an outlet to a boardwalk where you can rollerblade, walk, run, and cycle too.

I appreciate the beauty of Southern California, not only Los Angeles, but Orange County and San Diego.

Blue skies and the ocean blue lead to some surfing stories untold.

Someone suggested that I re-finance my home for tax reasons.

Ideally a home with a big backyard will do me some good.

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