Real Time Streaming Protocol

The web is becoming more advanced everyday. The latest major shift in technology centers around making content and data served through web pages and services available in real-time.

This is quite a paradigm shift away from previous generations of technology ranging from credit card portals to payroll dashboards that relied on ‘batch processing’ which refers to specific actions and data aggregations that are run periodically in ‘batches’.

The issue with batch processing is that it is often too slow to satsify our desire for truly up-to-the-minute information. We don’t want to know what the status of our bank account or credit card statement was 12 hours ago, we want to know whether or not that purchase we just attempted 6 minutes ago went through or not.

To this end, cloud based technologies and evolutions in web streaming protocols have increasingly given rise to real time streaming protocols, capable of delivering data instantly no matter its volume or size.

The new generation of apps that these special kinds of platforms are going to power will be more interactive, responsive than any that have preceded them. Real time streaming capabilities will allow creative developers to make applications that can support millions of concurrent users.

You can imagine the kinds of shared experiences that this new technology will enable. From interactive superbowl half-time shows that allow the audience to vote and interact via their cellphones, to real time play predictions that fans can make as the plays are unfolding on their TV screen.

Social TV is likely to be the biggest and most common use case for these new highly scalable real time web platforms. Instead of having to text in your vote to American Idol at the end of the show, you could vote in real time using an associated ‘second screen app’.

Rather than calling in to a radio show or televised debate to voice your disagreement with the speaker, you could be registering your opinion in real time using an app made for that specific program. Meanwhile, real time streaming platforms will power these apps, allowing you to see the opinion of the entire audience around the country or around the world.