Why everyone seems better than you at FIFA 13 Online (PC)

The answer is simple: they know some tricks. You can’t expect to achieve higher levels in FIFA 13 online, if you don’t have something that gives you an advantage over others. This is the definition of the word “cheat” you say? Well you’re right. Except that if everyone does the same, is it really cheating? (as Armstrong would say). Ok it’s true, everyone doesn’t use tricks in FIFA online … except the best … and … the AI. Yes! I found it by accident, but it seems that to keep the interest of players for the game (when you start beating the AI 6-0 in the legend mode, it’s no longer fun) at least until the next version, the game developers made it possible to the AI ??to cheat when you become too strong. This explains the “inexplicably” spectacular AI goalkeeper saves, the defenders not selected to defend or not at the right moment, the attackers who become suddenly slow and the AI defenders supersonic returns, etc.

Let me explain quickly.

Often “Refresh” your “buttonDataSetup” file. It’s the AI “crime weapon”. To do this, delete it from the “FIFA” folder in “My Documents.” A new one will be created at the start of the game. Another option is to replace this file with the one from FIFA 12 Folder. Do this often, because after a while, the new file is “corrupted.” I suspect the game to make small changes in the way your controller reacts depending on its difficulty in beating you.

I want to mention that all those who use tricks do not necessarily use them in the purpose of cheating, at least not at the beginning. Some got their advantages by simply buying a new controller, others from an accidental manipulation. However, what is certain is that at some point, all people who use a trick eventually realize that they have an advantage over other.

The “clever ones“, if I may call them that, rarely play against each other. When the match starts, you are able to know according to the reactions (players’ races, direction changes, etc.) of the players, if your opponent has an advantage over you or the same advantage if you are a “clever one”, and in this case, you simply quit the game before the first 5 min without penalty. But the clever ones have a new trick to prevent an opponent from quitting the game before the first 5 minutes. At the beginning of the game, he plays like an average player and can even let you score one or two goals in the first 5 minutes. He doesn’t care. He knows that in reality his players can run 10,000 times faster than yours and you’ll be living hell when he will start playing seriously.

But you must be wondering what those tricks I keep talking about are. I don’t think everyone uses the same tricks, but you should know that they originate from changes in your computer, in the game parameters, or in your controller. The latter I think is the most crucial. For example, I once bought a cheap controller in a small shop and I became unbeatable when I played with it against my friends. It allowed me to do incredible accelerations and direction changes. When I played with a normal controller, I was again an ordinary player. My friends discovered the thing and my controller have been banned. Just to say that most people play with normal controllers forgetting that many controllers, including several modified controllers, also exist and are not available in the big shops. Use a different brand of controller, and you don’t have the same game. For example if you use a controller designed for a different type of game, you might find that your players respond better, or it could be the opposite. You have to try it to find out.

There are many little tricks to increase the efficiency of an Xbox 360 controller on PC which could make your online opponent “rage quit” if you use them. Nothing that requires a screwdriver or anything, just a few changes in your files.

A more powerful computer, a better graphics card, and a better internet connection, can give you an advantage over your online opponents. Regarding the parameters, the simple fact of changing the camera for example, can dramatically change the game. But you probably already know that.

The way you play and especially the way you defend (the button or buttons you press) can also make you invincible. In this regard, there are also a few simple tips that can make a big difference.

These tips apply to any version of FIFA; this explains why the best players of previous versions are also the best in new releases. It’s a closed small circle, so the only way to access these tricks is to discover them by accident as I did. A match between two “clever ones” is an almost unreal game where players run at the speed of light, the goalkeepers make impossible saves, referees are blind, etc… This is why they prefer not to play against each other, but as I explained above it becomes difficult to know who you are dealing with before the first 5 minutes. If you are a good FIFA player when you play against the computer or against your friends and it seems like everyone online is better than you, then you are probably a victim of the “clever ones”.

However, there are also really good players on FIFA and they should not be confused with the “clever ones”. Curiously, the best players I played against at FIFA where in division 4. This is in my opinion the level at which you must have some tricks to be able to progress, otherwise it is extremely difficult, even if you are a very good player. By contrast in division 1 you play sometimes against players so bad you wonder how they managed to get to that level. Let me explain this phenomenon.

As you know in FIFA, you can accumulate points by playing online or against the AI. You can then use these points in the “Catalogue” of the EAS FC to buy stuff … including WINS. Yes! This is how some average players end up in division 1, just for the pleasure of being there I guess, because I don’t see the benefit of being in division 1 if you can’t beat anyone there. In addition, it is only a personal pleasure, because these purchased victories are not taken into account in the FIFA rankings. Thus, even if that person is in Division 1, everyone can see that, for example, he only has 50 wins and 200 losses for “real”, which immediately identifies him as a “wins buyer”.

A simple way to know the level of your opponent is to note down his ID and replace it in the link below. You will have access to the results of his last matches and to the ID of his opponents which levels you can also determine by applying the same principle. This is in my opinion the best way to measure the level of your opponent. ID/cem_ea_id

Finally, FIFA, it’s like in life. There are ordinary people, and there are those who want to go further to get a lot more, even by using litigious means. And as in some sports, there are doped athletes networks and there are those who train hard to get there. You can take comfort in the fact that you might be able to beat some of those so called best players of FIFA, if you had the opportunity to play against them in your living room.

If you are looking for ways to improve your skills at FIFA and want some help, I might have some advices for you.