Real Trees vs Fake Trees for Christmas

When trying to decide between real trees vs fake trees for Christmas, many people are torn. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to each type of Christmas tree and people often grew up with one or the other. Sometimes people get married and debate which type of tree they will use now that they are together. Here are some of the main reasons to like, or dislike, a real tree vs a fake tree for Christmas.

The Cost

Let’s start with the money. A nice artificial tree costs a lot of money. If you don’t have a lot of money to shell out you may be better off with a real tree. Look to spend well over $100 for a fake tree and much more if you want a big one. A real tree comes in at a small fraction of that price, saving you money this year. Keep in mind, however, that the fake tree will cost you nothing next year while you will need another real tree.


It is true that a real tree can dry up and catch fire, unless of course you don’t add lights or have a flame anywhere near it, but what is a Christmas tree without lights. You can prevent this by getting a fresh cut tree, buying it close enough to Christmas that it stays fresh, and providing an ample amount of water. For safety a fake tree wins, since it will not catch fire.


If you own a fake tree you will need to store it during the off season. This is a pain and it takes up a lot of room. If you have the room, great. If not, a real tree will go to the curb when the holiday season is over, meaning no big box in your basement all year long. To save space in your house, the real tree wins.


When it comes time to set up your tree, a fake tree can take a long time since you have to assemble and position each branch separately. This can be a lot of fun but a pain at the same time. A real tree just needs a sturdy tree stand and you’re done. The real tree is certainly easier to stand up, however if your fake tree has the lights permanently included in the branches that will change things as the removal of the annal tangled light strands will more than make up for the extra time spent fluffing the branches.


Fake trees have come a long way and look very real today. In fact, you may have to touch one to make sure it is not real. Still, a real tree is unmistakably real and not only has the perfect natural appearance, but you get the pleasant smell to go with it. For the best view and smell you can’t beat the real tree, but the fake trees do look pretty good.

Whichever way you go you can find a great tree. Some couples alternate so get a taste of both. Others have to make a choice. Whether you prefer real trees vs fake trees for Christmas, here’s hoping your holiday is bright.