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Reasons to Outsource Curriculum Development to Instructional Design Service Providers


In order to increase employee productivity and overall quality of work, introducing the objectives of an organisation to its employees and training them to reach its expectations becomes very essential. Without the necessary training, the workforce will fail to have a perspective over its work style and behaviour, eventually disappointing its employer and failing to meet the demands of the client or the customer. The curriculum or the content used to train these employees plays a key role in deciding the success of the training program. This article suggests that it is wise to outsource the job of developing the content for these training curriculums to a good instructional design service provider. Read on to know why.

Before we list out the reasons to hire instructional design services, it is better we have a small introduction to the concept of Instructional Design (ID). ID is the process of designing, developing and delivering learning models or instructional manuals to trigger an effective learning process. School, college, military, a small business or a big corporation… almost any aspect of life that requires learning and educational needs instructional design. It brings about a reform in the way education is imparted and knowledge is transferred from one generation to another, from one peer to the other. A person who has a great amount of expertise and knowledge in these pedagogical aspects is called an instructional designer and the services provided by theses designers are called instructional design services. Here’s why you should hire them to develop your curriculum content.

1. Knowledge

ID was introduced to the field of education and learning almost half a century ago and since then various ID models have been put forth, ADDIE, Dick and Carey Model and ASSURE being the most popular ones among them. Training curriculum and learning modules are designed and developed based on these ID models which define fool proof design methods that are sure to work. It is obvious; you wouldn’t know a thing about ID and designing learning content. So leave it to the ID services that are well versed with these models and know how to apply them in real time applications.

2. Expertise

There’s a big difference between training kids and training adults, and using the same old black board and loads of textual syllabus wouldn’t be one bit effective in the case of adults. ID services have years of expertise in designing and developing training curriculum and would know what to include, how to include and how much to include in these training modules that would interest your adult employees and motivate them to learn more and more.

3. Understanding Your Employees

No matter how well you know your organisation and your employees, instructional design services are always one step ahead of you in knowing the learning preferences of your workforce. A learning module that’s interactive, engaging and fun to indulge with grabs instant attention and keeps the learner hooked. Only ID services would have the ideas and all the resources to develop these kinds of informative and effective training curriculums.

4. Keeping Up with Technology

We live in a digital age dominated by smartphones, laptops and the internet. So it is quite easy to gauge how obsolete and old, books and blackboards are for teaching and learning. ELearning, mobile learning and blended learning solutions are the latest and the most effective ways to train your employees. Not only these methods are digitally advanced and technically sound, but also act as excellent platforms to design, develop and deliver an interactive and engaging learning material. Again, this is difficult to do all by yourself without instructional design services to help you with your ideas.

5. Save Time and Resources

Lastly, you are good with you do and certainly instructional design services are the experts in what they do. Outsourcing the content development of these services saves you the time needed to design and develop the learning content and also avoids the burden of familiarising yourself with the resources used to create these learning modules.

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Reasons to Outsource Curriculum Development to Instructional Design Service Providers
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