Reasons to Shop for Kydex Holsters

Most gun owners share a few things in common. First and foremost, their love of firearms is unparalleled. But perhaps more importantly, gun owners typically implement gun safety measures and take them very seriously. One of the best ways to ensure gun safety when carrying a weapon is to own and use a proper holster for your firearm. Throughout the article below, learn about why Kydex holsters are a great investment for any type of handgun you carry on your person.

Kydex is Superior Material

Very similar to acrylic in the way it is constructed, Kydex is a type of plastic that has proven to be incredibly strong. One of the biggest differences between Kydex and basic acrylic is that the former has an added layer that is typically used for coloring and screen printing purposes. This allows for fully customizable pieces. This material is incredibly rigid, weather resistant, easy to clean, and it is able to be easily molded to fit any type of gun like a glove, helping to improve gun safety.

A Fully Customizable Material

As mentioned above briefly, Kydex can be molded to any shape. This is great news for individuals with custom guns and thus custom needs. Say that you own a 9 mm. with a laser sight, an improved trigger guard, and an extended clip. These are common upgrades, but finding a holster that will provide a perfect fit is incredibly uncommon. When shopping for Kydex holsters, you can find a holster that has been perfectly molded for your specific firearm, either a unique stock version or you can have one made. This allows you to fit any type of handgun into a high-quality holster.

Very Easy to Maintain

When you purchase a leather holster, you always have to worry about keeping your holster out of the elements, properly oiling and treating the product, and making sure that it is always clean, flexible and in perfect working condition. This ends up being a lot of work once you factor in all the different variables. With Kydex holsters, there is no muss or fuss. Simply wipe the plastic clean. And since the material is completely customizable and able to take on a wide array of different screen prints, you don’t have to settle for a holster that has a plastic look. You can get very creative and choose an attractive holster for your gun.

Affordable, attractive, sturdy and safe, Kydex holsters are definitely worth the investment if you are a gun owner looking for a quality piece of equipment.

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