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Reasons to Use Direct Mail for Your Fundraising Campaign?

Having a campaign for your fundraising event is a great way to attract new donors and also inform your existing donors about your activities. These campaigns could be planned and executed in ways as creative and thoughtful as possible. Newsletters and brochures are a great way to inform your donors about your upcoming fundraiser events or follow them up on the previous events. Frequent communication between a non-profit organization and its donors is very crucial to maintain a long lasting relationship backed by trust and appreciation. Direct mail has remained to be one of the oldest marketing strategies that promises definite leads and decent conversion rates. Direct mail fundraising is a great option to consider to communicate with your existing donors and attract potential donors who are willing to help your cause. However, the hidden mystery is how does direct mail fundraising remain to be successful despite the revolution that emails and social media have stirred all over, persistently forcing the traditional marketing methods to run out of competition?

Read on to know how.

• The very first reason to consider direct mail fundraising is the trust factor, it brings into your fundraising campaign. Letters can be as personalized and targeted as possible. You could use handwritten fonts to address your donors or personalize the content within to suit their personality and interests. This shows that you respect your donors and acknowledge their efforts to bring about a change in the system.

• While most of the marketing strategies are shifting to a digital platform, a fundraiser could still raise awareness and attract donors through direct mail. Personally sent newsletters and brochures eliminate the shade of a selling point that emails and social media posts thrive on and instead stand unique and noble with their traditional approach.

• Variations could be brought in the way a direct mail fundraising campaign is carried out. They could be highly targeted to suit your donors’ interests and preferences. Targeting could also be made based on various other demographics such as geographical locations, the professions of your donors, the social causes they care for and the NGO groups they recognize themselves with. There are variable printing services available which can provide you with the technology, artists and resources you would need to come up with a diverse set of direct mails, all having a common thing to say out loud.

• Lastly, people simply love to see the letters in their mailboxes. Newsletters with valuable content, which are put in attractive envelopes are sure to be read unlike email newsletters which are most likely to end up in your donors’ spam folder. As said before, direct mail fundraising eliminates a selling point and reflects genuine intentions of creating an awareness and cause conscious.

iti Direct Mail is a team of direct mail marketers who specialize in helping non-profit organizations with their direct mail fundraising campaigns. For more information on using direct mail to promote a fundraiser event, visit Chron.com.

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