Reasons to use social media marketing for your company

Social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook have become increasingly popular among marketers and business owners trying to promote their products. The potential for virality and engaging conversations makes mastering social media marketing a must for anybody looking to promote their business with a small budget. There are many reasons to use social media marketing to promote your business.

Market Your Business on a Budget

Probably one of the major benefits of social media marketing is that it leverages the playing field due to its low costs. Small home based business can use Facebook to market themselves as effectively as a company with a thousand employees. While social media marketing has its costs, those are not so high as with traditional forms of advertising such as PPC advertising. Social media marketing also offers relatively quick results, with people reacting to it almost on real time, specially compared with long term organic traffic generation methods, such as SEO.

Increase Customer Engagement

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity of actually talking with your audience, in a way that it’s unique to this form of advertising. You don’t sell by pushing your products or services in front of your users, but by becoming part of the network of said users and being there when they have a need your business can solve. Brands who engage in social media marketing the right way often enjoy much higher levels of loyalty and engagement than those who just use traditional advertising methods.

Improve Your Brand Image

By being part of your customers social networks, your company will become a more trusted entity, something with a personality unlike a bland, generic business front. This can help your credibility and brand image. People like knowing that behind the products and services they purchase, there’s a team of people and not just robots. Social media also offers a great opportunity to help others in the social ecosystem, supporting causes your audience likes and showing social responsibility.

Get Feedback From Your Audience

Since social media is all about conversations, using it for marketing means you get access to a wealth of market research in the form of your users comments. Are you wondering what people think of a potential new service? Just ask them on Twitter or Facebook, and wait for the answers to start rolling in. While this kind of impromptu polling isn’t exactly scientific (for example, some personality types are much more prone to answering than others) it can really help you shape your business services and customer support. You can even use social media to build buzz about your product even before you start your work from home business!

Leverage Viral Marketing

Due to the mechanics of social networks and social sharing, any content posted to a social media platform has potential to go viral. There’s no guarantee that it will, but at least it’s a possibility, as opposed to other forms of marketing that are much less reliant on sharing. If you produce great content your fans or followers will spread it and share with their networks, who in turn may decide to share as well, starting a snowball that can bring your business to a whole new level in terms of audience and popularity. Of course, this means that a faux-pass can also become viral and end up in everybody’s inbox, so be careful about what you share or how do you reply to your users to avoid falling victim of the dark side of social media viral marketing.