Reasons to use Ubuntu

I am a fan of different Linux distributions especially Ubuntu. It’s the primary operating system that I use in my Laptop for productivity. The only reason I still have an MS Windows is for research, simulation purpose, and playing pc games.
Just like any other Linux and open source users, I also encourage people to use Ubuntu.
Here are my reasons why I recommend using Ubuntu:

It’s Free
The Operating System itself is free. You can download it at their official website.
All future upgrades and updates are absolutely free.
Almost all common software that you need for browsing, music, videos, photos, documents, and opening different file types are available for free.

Low requirements
The operating system itself is not resource hungry. Meaning, Ubuntu still works well even with low spec hardware. And most of its variants can still run on old computers.
So think again before throwing away your old machine.

Ease of use
The era of not user friendly Linux is over thanks to hardworking contributors.
Of course there will still be some few adjustments and learning curves. But that won’t be a big issue.
When it comes to installing the Operating System itself, you don’t have to be an expert. It provides an easy step by step instruction.
For installing applications, Ubuntu Software Center is available for browsing, installing and removing software. It works like an Apps Store or Google Play.
Updating and upgrading software is also convenient due to Update Manager.

Linux distributions are considered well secured against malware.
This means that linux users has very low chance of being infected by malware. Your have more chance to get hit by lightning than being infected by malware.

Great customization
Just like any other Linux System, you can choose what kind of desktop to use, you can use multiple workspaces, you can choose how to organize applications, etc…
There are a lot of things that you can customize that I cannot discuss all of it in this article.
When it comes to customizing appearance with animations, Ubuntu does not eat a lot of resources in your system.

More ways to learn regarding computer
There are lots of explorations that you can do to Linux. Beginners will be surprise how much they are going to learn when using Linux.
Thousands of software tools are available with different functions.

Again almost everything that you need from applications, updates, upgrades, support, etc is available.
It has large official and unofficial community that supports the operating system.
It’s fast and your computer will not get slower as time passes by.
You don’t need to restart your computer again and again to refresh your system.
There are very little technical issues and it will be fix immediately once detected by cannonical.

Finally, you can try Ubuntu without removing your current Operating System. So why don’t you try it now?