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Reasons Why Cyprus Is Popular For Fertility Treatments

Those women who are able to conceive should consider themselves blessed. There are thousands of women who are unable to do so and unless they are willing to undergo any of the different treatments available they will have to remain childless. The reasons for the inability to conceive could be plenty, and it can sometimes be very stressful for the couple. The medical world today has truly developed and the fertility treatments offered are more successful than before. These treatments are still very expensive and this is one of the many reasons why some couples travel even as far as Cyprus for the treatment. Of course the facilities provided are top class and the doctors are highly qualified, in many of these clinics. For those couples who have a history of genetic disorders or those who have not been able to conceive despite treatment, PGD in Cyprus is possible and it is because of this that many couples enjoy an uneventful pregnancy.

The Meaning Of PGD

PGD or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis helps to identify if there are any defects with the embryos that are going to be implanted into a woman. This way it can be ensured that several diseases or disorders that may have come about through IVF does not pass on to the child. PGD is performed in Cyprus for those women who have had at least one fertility treatment that has failed, or someone who has experienced several miscarriages. Women over the age of 35 and those who have chromosomal and single gene disorders are also advised to have this procedure done. It is also recommended for those women who carry genetic disorders

When Gender Selection Is Allowed

For those couples who would love to have a child of one gender just so as to complete their family, it can be done. Gender selection in Cyprus is legal and those couples who are already parents to one or more children are allowed to do so. In those cases where gender specific disorders are possible, gender selection is allowed. The healthy embryo will be selected thus helping to prevent the disorder in the child.

Benefits Of PGD

Though gender selection is allowed in Cyprus, it does not mean that the authorities will allow an embryo to be destroyed merely for being of a particular gender. The reason for selection must be genuine. There are several disorders that can be identified by the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Down’s syndrome, pancreatic cancer and Niemann-Pick disease, acute myeloidleukemia, ovarian cancer or breast cancer, Wilson disease, Turner’s syndrome and Duchenne muscular dystrophy are some of the diseases that can be identified. When embryos with these conditions are not implanted, the children born will be healthy. Another benefit obtained from this procedure is that research is possible on the primary disease mechanisms and this allows for developing treatments for disorders that are genetic. This is possible because access is allowed to the stem cell lines of the human embryo. These are the many benefits of this procedure.

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