Rebate Program in Pennsylvania for Low Income Families


Citizens in have enjoyed rebate programs in Pennsylvania for low income families for a long time. This is an initiative by the government in its efforts to stimulate the economy of the state. One of the objectives of such initiatives by the state is to encourage citizens of that state to invest and spend as much as possible in order to stimulate economic growth.


The State of Pennsylvania is located towards the Northwestern and mid-Atlantic area of the United States of America. The State is officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania boasts of a large European American population and also houses a strong population of African American people. Pennsylvania has a diversified topography which translates to a wide variety of climates. Sitting astride two large climatic zones, most of the state enjoys a continental humid climate. Rebate programs in Pennsylvania for low income families are also an attractive benefit for citizens in this region.

State Rebate Program

The climatic conditions in Pennsylvania offer a perfect opportunity for rebate programs for low income families which are availed in the form of plans to conserve energy. Solar thermal process heat, solar water heat as well as photovoltaic (PV) are the major renewable energies in use for this initiative. Conversely, the applicable sectors that the incentive is carried out are the Residential sectors, industrial and agricultural sectors as well as commercial and agricultural sectors. The program does not ignore the low income residential sector and this sector is at the forefront of this rebate program.

In implementing this program, there are certain equipment that is used in order to make the initiative a successfully. The equipment has to be new. Any PV equipment that is brought on board has to be listed as a machine that is eligible in the CSI or California Solar Initiative. The utility meters are also required and should be properly certified for utilization in this project.


Citizens housed in the State of Pennsylvania are qualified to apply for the rebate offered in the program. They should be residents in as far as they own the home in which they live in and where the system will be installed into. They should further use the system as the basic resident. This means that if the house is used as a vacation house or as an investment property, the house does not qualify for any residential rebate that the system will offer.

Small businesses may apply to join the program only if they are for profit enterprises which carry out their businesses in the Pennsylvania state. They should not have more than one hundred permanent employees working on a full time basis. Families in the low income resident group may apply for a much higher incentive in the program the all other applicants. The bracket is set at sixty per cent or lower, of the calculated median of the entire state’s income.

Applications should be not submitted by the applicants themselves. Rather they should be forwarded through a recognized and accepted installer. It is worth noting that for you to benefit from rebate programs in Pennsylvania for low income families you must qualify to enter the program.