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Rebuilding Your Home’s Foundation

When one thinks of a home foundation, it feels that its only function is to hold up the house over ground; a homes foundation has more useful functions. It is why, it’s important to repair your foundation when you notice signs of problems. A proper home foundation has much functionality, including, but not limited to:

1. Keeps moisture out of your home

2. Insulates against extreme weather, such are cold

3. Holds up unnecessary movement of the earth around it

4. Withstand the test of time

When it comes to having a good foundation for your home, it takes a lot more than just making a big hole and pours in concrete to form the foundation beneath your home. Every foundation must be custom built to suit your home’s unique structure; in order to have a strong, long lasting foundation, we must be very well aware of the soil conditions around the property, water or any other moisture in the property, and the type and quality of the backfill which surround the home.

You must also take into account the attention to detail of the project with perfection, as the base must be properly place with the formwork being built correctly, and in perfect detail. It is critical to follow each procedure to the point, so the home’s foundation can be build strong and last for a long time.

A perfect built home foundation is meant to last forever, therefore one must ensure that every attention to detail is to remain dry and free from cracks, so it can allow for a sturdy hold on the home.

Having a strong footing and free from vapor, as well as a strong concrete pad being placed on the bottom of the compacted stone, that is crushed.

Failures of Foundations

• Backfill. Loading the soil around the property with hot water, such as sponge, which is organic, or even with clay can lead to risking the foundation to have cracks when freezing and expansion gets to the soil.

• Rushing the solution. It is vital to be patient when it comes to fixing the problem, especially for concrete, which is meant to be fix in a slow manner, so it can reach its potential. Keeping it moist for about 3 to 5 days, while it is wrapped on plastic is important for a good fix.

• Wrong compaction. You must ensure that that the stone is firmly tamped, before proceeding on pouring the slab, to avoid any settlement or crack in the foundation.

• Interrupting the pour. A concrete form should be filled in one go. If you stop and come back the next day to finish the work, there will be a ‘cold joint’ between the fresh concrete and yesterday’s work, which is likely to crack and leak.

• Soil Movement. Foundation problems arise when the soil is bad, or there’s a lot of movement on the ground. When building a new foundation, necessary steps must be taken in order to not repeat the errors, or problems that caused the foundation to fail in the first place. The way the new foundation is been built, must change in order to have a solid foundation, which will last for a long time.

• Clean up. At times it is necessary to move your landscape in order to work on the project, and ensure the foundation is being done right with the proper space. Abry Brothers Foundation Repair has an amazing reputation in ensure that your property is taken cared by the clean up crew.

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