Rebuilt Golf Car Batteries

Are you looking for rebuilt golf car batteries? In this article I’ll walk through how to rebuild your own and also point you to some places to have your batteries rebuilt or purchase rebuilt batteries.

How to rebuild a golf car battery:

1. Wear protective gear, including goggles, rubber gloves and rubber apron. Work in a well-ventilated area.

2. Have running water nearby as the process requires a lot of water.

3. Disconnect the terminal cables from the battery and pull the battery out. Set it on a flat and level work surface.

4. Pry off the cell caps from the battery. If they are corroded you may need a screwdriver.

5. Empty the battery contents into a non-metal container, being careful to not expose your skin or eyes to the acid. Rinse the battery cells out thoroughly with running water.

6. To refill the cells, we use a mixture of Epsom Salt and distilled water. Mix 7 oz. Epsom Salt with 1 Qt. distilled water in a separate container. Distilled water is best due to the purity of it when compared to tap water. Mix well, ensuring that the Epsom salt is completely dissolved.

7. Pour the mixture into the battery cells, with an equal amount in each.

8. Put the cell caps back on and connect the battery to a three-phase charger and leave it to charge overnight.

9. The next day, put the battery back into the golf cart and reconnect the terminals.

10. Use the cart as normal for a week. After a week charge the battery until a complete charge is completed.

If you’re hesitant to do it yourself, there are several other options. Batteries Plus will rebuild batteries, just be aware that in my experience the rebuilt units do not work as well as new batteries. I’m sure other battery retailers have rebuilding services as well. In general, the rebuilt or refurbished batteries will not work as well as new so it’s up to you to decide if you’ll be satisfied saving some money and buying refurbished or rebuilding one yourself or if you’re better off buying new.

Either way, you have options when it comes to rebuilt golf car batteries.