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Recent technologies and devices drastically altered the human life

Evolution of technology in the past
Technology is the only thing which can change human life like that is wasn’t before. It helps to make human life so simple and easy. Due to advancement and development in recent technologies all works can be done in seconds or in very short time. In human past life it was very difficult to transfer information from one person to other person. At that time information were received in so many days even sometimes it was not sure that the person to whom information is sent receives the information at time.

Later on with the passage of time development took place in the different industry such as electronics and IT industry. After that, one way communication is discovered in which people can transfer information from one place to other place but one can speak at one time from one side because one way communication channel were used in that. Due to more advancement in electronics two way communications was also introduced and people can be able to speak their love ones in phones, who situated at long distances. Later mobile technologies were introduces and people can be able to speak with each other from any place and area.

In few years back IT industry and electronics industry made advancement in mobile technologies. Different types of operating system are use in mobiles in recent technologies such as android operating system for android mobiles, iOS operating systems in iphones, Window operating systems in window phones and different models blackberry operating system are used blackberry that is why they all called so. For the development in these smart phones and hardware devices, software development is also necessary that is why so many mobile applications were also introduced to communicate with each other. Now messages can be sent to anyone in bulk or individual with in a second by using internet. For this so many mobile messenger application were introduced such as whatsapp, Facebook, vchat, skype, wiber and hike etc. Facebook is a special networking site which is known as the web dominance website and mostly used by the people and they also have introduced there messenger application so that people are now able to use Facebook as messenger application on their phones. Whatsaap is second most mobile application which is mostly used by every people for sharing massages, photos and voice notes but the user of whatsapp is gradually increasing in all over the world. There are so many advancement is done in whatsapp messenger like if you send message to any person you can see that person has read you message or not they have introduce blue line features in it. If you are busy you can’t reply to any person just want to check messages then you can changes the setting for some time by changing settings and uncheck read recipients and person will never know that you have checked his/ her messages and didn’t reply. We are hoping whatsapp will provide best features in future.

Skype and wiber are also used for video calling and voice calling nowadays in out of country or with countries. People are also looking and trying new messenger apps but their features are still under development process, so it would take some more years to be popular.

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