Reclaimed Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture

If you’ve an outdoor patio or a yard, there are several things that could add spice to it and one of these is reclaimed teak furniture. However why utilize reclaimed outdoor furniture? Would not it be bombarded by bugs and pests? Not if you get quality teak wood it will not. Teak is a superb material to take advantage of outside the house. Dampness and pests do nothing at all to it. One of the reasons to the toughness of teak is simply because the wood is quite oily in a natural way. The oil helps to keep the humidity and dampness out. Certainly, if you leave teak wood out in direct sunlight and the rainwater, it’s going to reveal the consequences of a good weather beating. However this does not need to be bad in fact. Weather-beaten reclaimed teak furniture does not have the refined glowing shine that brand new teak, has certainly. It just has a stunning vintage silvered glimpse that provides elegance and nobility.

However you will find those who really miss the attractive shine that brand new teak has. Obviously, those who want that are way too many, since the marketplace is rich in products that make it easier to take away the silver weather-beaten appearance, and bring back reclaimed teak outdoor furniture to its initial beauty. You could get these kinds of products at Home Depot or virtually any home improvement shop in your neighborhood. What is the next step to take care of your reclaimed teak furniture if you do not want to keep refinishing it to a glowing finished look on a regular basis? What you could do is to apply a teak cleaner every once in awhile. You can purchase teak cleaner at Home Depot surely; however if you’d rather roll your own, it is not hard to come up with the proper stuff at your house out of day-to-day materials.

To make your reclaimed teak wood furniture cleaner at your house, fill a gallon of hot water in a bucket, add in a 1 / 3 of a cup of bleach and 2 / 3 of a cup of typical cleaning agent. Blend everything together, and you’ve everything you need to get your furniture thoroughly clean once more. Begin by washing your outdoor furniture down with a gentle scrubber and water from a hose pipe. You do not need to expose the wood to anything too tough in a manner that might harm the materials. Get a gentle brush; soak it in the cleaning solution you recently prepared, and rinse the wood carefully to take away all moldy growth. Wash it with more water out of a hose, and scrub your furniture down using a small towel. You will simply get your teak looking fresh new, with its grain being wonderfully through.

Occasionally however, reclaimed teak furniture could develop oil spots or other artifacts that are type of a soak on their great looks. What should you do to refinish your reclaimed teak furniture without the need for plenty of polish and much hard work? It is really quite simple – you simply give the space that is causing you trouble a once over with gentle grit sand paper, and your teak would return to its previous self again. If you’d like the wood’s normal woody color to exhibit, and not the silvery shade that it gets when subjected to the sun and rain, all you have to do is to expand the sandpapering to the whole surface of the furniture piece you want. It should be over in almost no time whatsoever, and your furniture will appear sleek and attractive as it was the day it arrived in.