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Reconnect With Nature and Its Tranquility in Laos

Tourism in Laos is not that popular unlike its neighbors like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. However, this serves as a justified reason why you should plan your holidays or honeymoon in this country. Through, the country does not have exotic beaches, there are various other attractive and mesmerizing objects in this land that can make you spell bound. It is a land locked country, sharing its borders in the north with China, south with Cambodia, east with Thailand and west with Vietnam.
People also call this country as “LanXang” or the “land of thousand elephants”. Apart from all these, the country is the owner of numerous hidden caves, ancient temples, tranquil landscapes and fascinating rivers.

Here Are Some Of The Best Kept Secrets Of Laos:


This is the capital city of Laos and is also considered as one of the largest city of the country. At the city corners, you will find the left over relics of Buddha and the “European style buildings”. Apart from the old remnants, this city also gives you a scope to visit some other interesting destinations like WatSok Pa Luang, Wat Si Saket, Wat Si Muang, lao national Museum and lots more. Its rich and diverse cultural heritage has made UNESCO recognize this city as a world heritage site.

Luang Prabang:

Trip to Laos and not visiting Luang Prabang is like a crime. It is the most ancient city of the nation and also the cultural center of Laos. This city used to be the royal capital of Laos and thus, you can still find of ruins of the royal city in here. Everything in this place is well preserved and will surely take you back in the time. Architecture of this place is probably the main attraction, which is a combination of Buddhist temples and French architecture. Even UNESCO has identified this entire city as a world heritage site.

The Pak Ou Caves:

This is one of the most sacred cave located in Laos, o the banks of Mekong River. This cave has hundreds and thousands of Buddha statues, which is still worshiped by the native people of the country. At every new year, people make pilgrimage to this place in hope of prosperity and better lifestyle. This cave is just at 25km distance from the city of Luang Prabang and thus, you can easily include this destination in your trip.

Mekong River:

One of the biggest attractions in Laos is Mekong River, this is the river on which, most people of this country depends for living. People living around this river are mainly fishermen and farmers who earn their living from this water body. Here you get to see the most unusual and giant fish naming “Mekong Catfish”.

These are some destinations where you can visit in your trip to Laos. The best way to explore this country is through cycling. Go for Cycling in Laos and enjoy its mesmerizing and jaw dropping natural beauty.

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