Recovery after Smartlipo Liposuction

One of the most common concerns that individuals have about a cosmetic procedure is the recovery time. With the advanced minimally invasive SmartLipo liposuction procedure, you can expect minimal recovery time. The procedure uses laser energy to melt and remove localized deposits of fat from various areas of the body and also offers superior skin tightening effects.

How SmartLipo Works

The FDA-approved SmartLipo Triplex workstation is used to perform the treatment.
The device features a small cannula with three powerful laser wavelengths which work to melt the fat, coagulate the tissues, and tighten the skin. Just small incisions are needed to insert the cannula. This workstation also comes with smart delivery systems that control the delivery of heat and promote patient safety.

The procedure can treat pockets of stubborn fat in body areas such as abdomen, back, male breasts, mons pubis, neck, buttocks, chin, face, hips, thighs and upper arms.


• Performed under local anesthesia
• Can target even delicate areas
• High-definition sculpting
• Impedance level of the device can be controlled
• Reduced surgical trauma
• Quicker recovery
• Resume normal activities soon
• Tightens the skin around the treatment area
• Leaves little or no scarring
• Results are almost permanent

Faster Recovery

One of the most significant benefits of the SmartLipo Triplex procedure over conventional body contouring surgery is that recovery is faster. You can get back to normal activities in a few days time.

• This minimally invasive procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis in a plastic surgeon’s office and does not need any hospital stay
• As local anesthesia is used, downtime is minimal
• Normally, just 2-3 days of rest would be needed after the surgery
• The procedure involves just small incisions and no sutures, which speeds up recovery
• The Laser seals the blood vessels which dramatically lessens bleeding and bruising
• Pain and bruising are minimal compared to traditional liposuction
• Just one treatment would be necessary, with visible results in a week and improved results in three to six months

This information is just an indicator under normal circumstances, and recovery time for a SmartLipo Triplex procedure would vary among patients depending on the area treated, amount of fat removed, and other considerations. Results would also vary and it is important for you to have realistic goals and consult with your plastic surgeon for a better understanding of your expectations.