News Recumbent Bikes with Upper Body Workout

Recumbent Bikes with Upper Body Workout


I like many of others enjoy a good workout to enhance my cardio, and help keep me in the best shape. Exercise bikes have come a long way in, and many cool features have been added in recent years. Recumbent bikes have become among the favorite exercise bikes to buy for a lower body workout, but we can’t forget the upper body as well. A good recumbent bike for the upper body workouts can provide stronger abs, a tighter stomach, and help you to become very fit and trim when used consistently. Here I present some of the top selling recumbent bikes with upper body workouts to help lose weight, and experience a better overall workout.

Top Exercise Bikes for Upper Body Workouts

Any really good exercise bike will be very expensive, especially if you want to maximize your overall workout. So you’ll likely need to be prepared to spend at least a thousand dollars on a quality machine. I know, that’s a lot, but its well worth paying extra money for a good machinery. One the best ones on the market is the HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT. I think this is one of the best recumbent exercise bikes on the market because it comes with a wide variety of different workouts that’s completely versatile for both younger, and older people to use.

It’s design to workout both the upper, and lower body with its comfortable adjusted seating position. Sometimes the more expensive exercise bikes are actually the better investments for your money. You’ll get better guaranteed warranties. A lifetime warranty on this frame is included, and three years for the mechanical and electronic parts. Features include easy to grip heart rate sensors, polar compatible wireless HRM sensor, and resistant levels up to 16. It will support up to 350 pounds. Very sturdy and well built product.

Another top quality and highly recommended product is the First Degree Fitness Evolution Series E-920 that is design to enhance the overall strength of the body. This is a pretty unique and different kind of workout system. It’s design more as a rehab equipment to help those recover from variety of different injuries. Those that are disabled can workout the upper body effectively, and safely on this machine device.

Recumbent Exercise Bike under $1,000

Most experts will tell you that a high quality recumbent bike will cost at least a $1,000 dollars, but every now and then you can find a high quality one going for prices just under that. The Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent will give you the best bang for your buck. Most machines are now turning to the quiet magnetic resistance that’s virtually noiseless when using.

Both upper hand pedals are used for an upper body workout, and then lower foot pedals to enhance your lower body workout. You want to get in prime shape? Well, there’s not many better ways than to workout with this bad boy. Some of the other features include a comfortable padded seat and seatback, multi-function monitor, proper back support, arms, neck and shoulders that won’t cause strain or discomfort. You can see that most amazon buyers have found complete enjoyment when using.

Recumbent Bikes with Upper Body Workout
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