Recycling DIY Project Photos: Painting Old Wooden Furniture for the Girls Bedroom

Placing some photo images of the recycling DIY project. Painting old wooden furniture for the girls room.
Some of this wooden furniture are pieces made by some of our other family members long ago, some pieces are yard sale and charity thrift store finds. Others are odds and ends that have no further use for what they were originally made for and are being updated for future use in the girls bedroom.

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How did this come about?

Well, some of the old wooden furniture was already stained with dark, too dark colors. Back when they were brand new, I’m sure they were just wonderful and I know that they have been well loved and useful. But, they are too dark and gloomy. They need a few fresh coats of paint to liven things up to include in a child’s bedroom, so we are recycling them by painting the old wooden furniture in brighter colors that will match the other colors in a girls bedroom.

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We first started this DIY recycling old wooden furniture project after finding some paint on sale for 1/2 price at the local superstore, since someone had asked for the paint to be mixed with color and then they either did not like the color or never went back to pick-up the can of mixed colorful paint before time was up and the store had no choice but to mark the product down to half price.

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So, if you are searching for different colors of paint to use, check out the paint section of the store and look or ask for the cans of paint they have marked down to half price. Generally it is close to the paint swatches, so keep an eye out.

We began with this dark stained table. This is a table that my aunt and my older brother made at least 30 years ago. The learned how to make tables and then made dozens of them,

Old Wooden Table Before Photos

Painting Old Wooden Table Pink for Girls Bedroom

Although, we have finished painting the pink table, we placed it in the living room to set the Christmas tree on, we are considering adding some more colors to accent the table a bit more as well as using the same colors of paint on all the different pieces we will be painting for the girls bedrooms.

The next piece of wooden furniture we decided to paint is the head board that was left from a single bed. unfortunately, my teen didn’t know I wanted a photo of it before she started painting it, so here is is with a bit of purple paint.

Old Wooden Head Board Before Photos

(I’m not sure why some of these photos are bigger than others.)

The Newly Painted Purple Headboard

I have a few more photos of the various things we are working on in our DIY Project, but since these photos are showing up so much bigger, rather than add more to this article, I will be adding some more articles with photos of our other DIY projects that we are painting for the girls bedroom. Be sure to come back later and see even more!