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Red Wedge Sandals


If you are looking to add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe, ordering yourself a pair of red wedge sandals is a great way to go. Red has always been a great accent color when it comes to shoes. So it is no wonder that finding a summer sandal in this must have color should be on the top of your shopping list.

The great thing about going with red wedge sandals for your summer footwear is that any woman can wear them. Unlike high heels that many women can not wear because they hurt, the solid heel of this type of shoe give enough added support that you can stand and walk all day without having to worry about pain.

Now while you are shopping for these must haves, you will notices a wide range of prices on these shoes. To get the best deals on these summer shoes, you need check out the deals here!

Red Wedge Sandals

Nine West Women’s Missfitz Red Wedge Sandals

Nine West always seems to be at the front of the pack when it comes to seasonal trends. So it is no wonder that they have such a large variety of wedge sandals in their collection for the summer season.

This particular pair of shoes combines a cork heel with red lux patent to create a stylish look for your feet. The heel of this design measures at approximately 3 and a half inches tall. If you have already found a perfect pair of red shoes for you, this design also comes in black, green, orange, brown, and white.

Red Wedge Sandals

Calvin Klein Women’s Eavan Wave Fish Calf Wedge Sandal

To get your pop of color in your summer outfit, you do not need your entire shoe sporting the color of your choice. The overall color of this sandal is a great beige that will help to make your legs look longer and leaner with shorts, a skirt, or even wearing a dress.

The peep toe and strap around the ankle give this design a classic look while the pop on color on the toe and pattern give this shoe an edging fashion that will stand out in your closet.

Red Wedge Sandals

Naturalizer Women’s Bee Red Wedge Sandal

The floral embellishment on this design by Naturalizer is a must have whether the season is spring or summer. The strap is fully adjustable to make this one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals that you will own. Being from Naturalizer, you probably already knew that they would be comfortable.

The heel of these red sandals is at a nice 3 inches. This design is also available in white, black, and the always popular turquoise.

When you are starting checking out the deals that are highlighted here on these red wedge sandals, you will surely be able to add more then one of these must have styles to your closet for the coming warmer months of the year. So order now so that you look great when you head out to enjoy the great weather!

Red Wedge Sandals
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