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Redecorate A Child's Room With Cartoons Like Hello Kitty

Decorating With Cartoons Like Hello Kitty Can Change A Room’s Look Instantly!

Is your child finally starting to want something more than that nursery you were so proud to decorate? Do they love the Hello Kitty cartoons so much that you were thinking about using it for your child’s bedroom decor? If you don’t want to do a major makeover but yet make the child’s room look like it was overhauled, for under $800 you can buy a Hello Kitty Bedroom in a box This is an amazing idea for those busy Mom’s & Dad’s who don’t have time to redo and decorate a room, plus it is less expensive then having someone come in to do it!  Here’s what you get:

  • Twin Bed
  • Dresser
  • Mirror
  • Nightstand

It comes in a box! The twin bed has slats, but it doesn’t come with a mattress so you will have to buy that. What I like about the headboard is that it is upholstered and the matching furniture has the Hello Kitty look that your child will love. Have you seen the mirror? It’s a great addition to this room in a box!


Perhaps $800 is a bit too steep to change your child’s room right now and all you want to do is add a bit of decor to spruce it up. Picking cartoons like Hello Kitty will delight your child and won’t she be surprised when she steps into her very own space!

Adding Decor to Spruce Up a Child’s Room

Perhaps your child has a good bed and dresser and all you want to do is bring the Hello Kitty decor to her room. A sofa in the play area could be a perfect place to relax or read. Having your own space is priceless, and even kids need alone time!  You may want to add a toy box to match and keep all her toys in one place. It’s a great way to teach a child to pick up her things. Even though most of the time Mom or Dad actually does the cleaning up, it’s good to have a place where they can be taught a bit or responsibility too.


You absolutely cannot decorate a child’s room with cartoons like Hello Kitty without getting peel and stick wall decals. The decals will take any plain Jane wall and give it a look your child will love! There are 32 decals that all you do is just peel and stick and what I love about them is they are Made in the USA! They can be removed at any time, which makes it nice if your child decides to move onto a new favorite cartoon! 

imageHello Kitty Peel & Stick Wall Decals

I just found these on Amazon.com and they are on sale right now for $9.97. A great buy if you are going to turn your child’s room in an awesome space for her to play and sleep!

Accessories To Liven Up A Dull Space

Every room should have an alarm clock and what a perfect way to teach your toddler to tell time! Even Hello Kitty has cool clocks! Throw an area rug to match at her bed or in the play area for less than $20.


If you can’t afford the whole package that was mentioned above, but just want the bed, they are sold by themselves. The beds run a bit over $200 but your toddler will have a great Hello Kitty bed for years to come. Or, an alternative to a bed is to buy an officially licensed blanket throw for about $20! 

If you want to see what the furniture looks like, take a look at the following video:

Affording Hello Kitty For Your Child’s Bedroom

It really doesn’t matter whether you can afford expensive items for your child’s room or you just want to shake it up and add a bit of decor, whatever you decide, Amazon.com is the place to find any type of items to redo a room or change it completely. If you plan to decorate with cartoons like Hello Kitty then Amazon is the most trusted online shopping paradise for anyone and everyone!

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