Redeem Unused Gift Cards – Converting Gift Cards Into Cash


A lot of people do not have any idea on converting gift cards into to cash. This article will show you how.


Redeem your unused gift cards, gift checks and offers. You should know its value, what else it can do – it should provide an insanely large difference on your today and tomorrow.
If you feel constantly short of money before the end of the month and you must figure out how to collect the money from the comfort of home, so you can find this article very useful. Will be shown below, explore the different ways to redeem unused gift cards, and collect the extra money you need.

Is it worth it?

Many people are unaware that they can redeem for gift cards are not used for money. There are many websites today that can help redeem unused gift cards and get money, especially when you have a liquidity crisis.

A sale of gift cards online is becoming a thriving business today. Anyone with a gift voucher, which is not used, has the opportunity to make money. It is estimated that the middle-class family could be as high as $ 300 in gift cards not used. If all of these maps were acquired in a string or the store would only be a small challenge. States like California, gift cards have no expiration date and cannot lose value over time. And if the checks are not cashed their boxes. When it comes to redeem the unused gift cards, deciding on the amount of each card is the first. If you encounter a series of letters, who are old enough to have some time, you can find the true value of the first because it is likely that may have been partially used. For the real value of the card, all you have to do is call us (too cold) to print on the back of the card.

Gift cards issued by banks can be a real problem trying to redeem unused gift cards, regardless of whether you can use in many companies. In general, American Express, Visa or MasterCard tracks, but its value decreases over time, attract a fee and you can win too. Under the new law, the circumstances have changed a little better gift cards issued on August 22, 2010 for duration of five years with restrictions on the rights to receive. According to the State of California law, you cannot redeem this gift cards money, and retail cannot buy, if the card value is less than ten dollars or ten dollars is fair. Plastic jungle gift cards are accepted as possible, but there are some brands of gift cards, the company does not accept. The reason for this is that the company is unable to effectively control the balance of the card marks. Therefore, before you give your card to purchase, please contact the store to see if the brand is accepted. Also note that the online store does not accept that the balance is below $ 25 and no more than $ 9,500. Because shipping costs cover the sellers and buyers to accept cards with values under $ 25 failed to offer reasonable discounts for customers. For security reasons, the shop is not able to buy cards with balances over $ 9,500. There are many places online where you can sell your unused gift cards. In some places, you can save up to 92 percent of the balance on your gift card is verified. You may also be able to exchange gift cards redeemed or partially used for the purchase of capacity in online stores like For those who want to give a good course, you can donate your unused gift card to your favorite nonprofit organization, as a way to benefit society. Plastic Jungle is one of many sites where you can exchange unused gift cards. The site guarantees the transaction and pays the shipping costs. If you want to sell, you must sign and even sell gift cards here to start selling your unused gift cards. You must specify the name of the merchant that issued the grant and the remaining value of the card, if used in a part or the whole value of the card if it is completely unused.

Do not worry if you cannot determine the exact value, just put the estimate of the market and check the actual value of the paper. Once you’ve entered this information, the map shows ‘good (clean sheet) pages. Click monitor delivery,’ you can make the price of the public offer or gift card. The site offers an alternative with higher values, such as the ability to get a gift certificate at in exchange for your gift. The site invites you to create an account, you can offer a jungle of plastic gift card number and PIN can be found behind the check. First page of the transaction, you can donate a portion or all of your card sales benefit of his choice. At the end of the market, allow the company to you a prepaid shipping label to facilitate the card sending options. When your check is received, it has no control over the value and implementation within 2 days.

Keep your evidence

Also, it is not too late to redeem expired gift cards. Always save or keep your receipt and register your gift card in case you lose. In some cases, retailers reissue lost gift card if you provide a receipt. And if you register your card online, you may request a replacement and track your card balance. If you receive a gift card, do not hold it. In 2009, approximately $ 5 billion gift card outstanding balances. In Illinois are the issuers of gift cards to transfer the unused part of the Office of State Treasurer when the cards have expired. Owners of expired gift cards can get their refund to the State Property Unclaimed site or by calling (866) 458-7327. Even if your name is not mentioned, the state can still have your money. You may submit a complaint to the office of treasurer using the serial number on the expired card.


Resale of gift cards is definitely a bargain. If you have any gift cards, do not let it expire or lose value, you already know how you can exchange unused gift cards for cash.