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Redgage is a great site where you can post links, back link to, increase the traffic to your articles, and earn money from the amount of views your content attracts! Post links for your blogs and articles, photographs and videos, the more views you get the more money you make! Enter your blogs into the Daily Contest for a chance of winning $25, each blog you post is worth two tickets into the daily contest, so the more blogs you add the more chance you have of winning. Or if you post quality content you could get chosen for a featured bonus, meaning you get paid a bonus and your content gets posted on the front page! You can post your blogs and articles as links and blogs to maximise the traffic to your content, and although you can’t enter the links into the daily contest they are dofollow. Remember to add as many friends as you can, the more friends you add the more likely you are of getting your articles, blogs and pictures seen, so socialize to make the most out of Redgage! Everyone is really friendly at Redgage so you probably won’t find it too much hassle to build up your friends list.

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I’ve made $29.14 so far with Redgage and I’ve only been joined for 2 weeks, and being fairly new to blogging and making money online, I have found the site really encouraging. Everyone probably knows by now that it is essential to increase the traffic to your blogs in order to make even a few dollars online, but Redgage makes it easy, and it’s a fun place to share your work and get it seen! Dig out your old pictures and sumbit your articles that you have already posted elsewhere and see what happens, you will probably be pleasantly surprised! It’s free to join, easy to use and a great way to start making money online, you have nothing to lose. Get more details by following this link, and click the Redgage link at the bottom of the article to join, I hope you find it useful :


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