Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Every year, in the US alone, millions of people put themselves at risk of developing skin cancer. Because we have become a nation of sun worshippers, meaning we find tanned bodies more beautiful than pale bodies, we are putting ourselves at risk of mutating those skin cells while soaking up rays. Whenever someone lies in the sun in hopes of tanning themselves, they take the risk that instead of killing the skin cell they will mutate it. A risk that is entirely avoidable.

Skip the Prolonged Exposure

There is no point in trying to avoid the sun entirely; that would not only be impossible, but also dangerous. Instead, a person should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without proper sun block on.

Getting outdoors and enjoying the sun is important for a number of reasons. First, we are more active when outside. Lack of physical activity is a huge contributor to the obesity epidemic in the US today. Second, when we are outside gathering up sunlight, we are helping our bodies to produce Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential in maintaining healthy bones, keeping our minds working properly, and a whole host of other things. While there are ways to get your Vitamin D without sunlight (Milk is fortified with it), the easiest and most natural way is with some golden rays.

But there is a point where too much sun becomes unhealthy. In fact, if you are going to be out for more than just a few minutes, you will want to wear SPF 30 or higher sun block. This will help to prevent burns, but it will also let a small amount of UV light through to help create than Vitamin D.

Skip the High Risk Activities

Being outside, in and of itself, is not high risk. However, there are things that can increase your risk of developing skin cancer like Melanoma.

Quitting smoking is the number one way to reduce your risk of a whole host of health problems. It is not just your lungs that you are destroying when you smoke, but your mouth, throat, skin, lungs, heart, and a lot of other organs. Your body is all connected; you can’t destroy one part without destroying others.

Avoid prescription drugs. Any time that you use a pill to achieve something that should happen naturally, you run the risk of developing problems. For instance, taking Viagra can lead to melanoma . Instead of popping a pill, try herbal supplements, exercise, proper diet, and cutting out the alcohol.

Save Your Skin

I love the sun; winter gets me down because there isn’t as much of it. But I also know that too much sun will kill me. Instead of risking it, I would rather live a long and healthy life. So I make sure to wear proper clothing when I’m outside, and I lather up with SPF 30 before, and during, each adventure.