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Reducing Bounce Rates on Ecommerce Websites

You’d think there was nothing more soul destroying than the idea of running ecommerce websites and attracting no web traffic at all…but you’d be wrong. It’s actually much more annoying to run such websites and attract a quite impressive amount of traffic, only to find when looking into your analytics than almost nobody at all is buying anything. This immediately shows that you are doing something very wrong and are missing out on quite colossal success every hour of every day – devastation just doesn’t come into it. However, the good news is that it’s actually getting the traffic there in the first place that’s the hardest thing to do – most site discrepancies reducing conversion rates are much easier to tackle.

For example, if it’s becoming clear that visitors are leaving your site just as soon as they arrived there, it’s obvious there’s a problem with the first impression given off. This could mean that your landing page is proving a huge turn-off for them, but it could also be that there’s a performance issue. Successful e-commerce website development is about so much more than the products and the presentation of the site – performance also plays a key role. As such, make it obvious from the first moment of contact that your site is slow and generally poor in performance stakes and you’ll have your answer as to why folk aren’t sticking around.

If on the other hand they’re hanging around long enough to view your products and then disappearing, chances are there’s a problem with your listings. Assuming you’re selling good quality merchandise for a fair price, it could be something as simple as your product description and photographs. Are you using the highest-quality imagery? Taking photos from several angles? Describing every facet of the item in-depth? If you’re unable to tick all of these boxes, you’ll have trouble winning over your buyers.

There are however so many instance where shoppers browse the site, choose their items to purchase and head over the checkout only to then disappear without a trace. It is frustrating to say the least, but also easily explainable in most cases. For example, if they head over to the checkout only to be hit with shipping and handling charges, you can forget about it. Even if your prices are fair and shipping charges are low, buyers simply hate the idea of having these minor charges added on and will respond in kind by heading elsewhere. The same also goes for not accepting their chosen payment type – it’s really easy these days to set your site up to accept PayPal, credit cards and so on – limit payment options and you limit your appeal in a massive way.

Last but not least, there’s nothing more annoying for buyers than having to fill out the most epic and seemingly endless forms in order to make a purchase. If you insist on taking their life’s history and asking them a thousand questions, you can really forget about them bothering to make a purchase. It’s a bit like sticking a large queue in front of them at the checkout – the longer it takes for them to complete the purchase, the lower the chance of them actually doing so.

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