Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

There are ways to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Most of them involve eating right and exercising, but a huge method is to avoid high risk activities. We all know that we shouldn’t hang around nuclear reactors, and almost everyone on the planet has heard about the dangers of smoking (yet the tobacco industry still rakes in billions of dollars every year). So what other methods are there to help prevent cancer?

Avoid Having a Hysterectomy

Every year in the US there are over 600,000 hysterectomies performed. Doctors agree that the majority of these procedures are not medically necessary; instead they are used to reduce discomfort. What this does is set the woman up for potentially fatal side effects.

Traditionally a hysterectomy is done by making a 6 to 8 inch incision on the abdomen. The patient is opened up, the offending tissue is removed, and she is then sewn back shut. The problem with this method is that it leaves a large scar on the abdomen, and it can take 8 weeks to heal completely. For those who are busy with their career, being less than 100% for 8 weeks is a lot of lost productivity.

Instead, thousands of women are opting for a minimally invasive procedure. This laparoscopic procedure makes two small incisions; usually one is in the belly button. A device called a power morcellator is inserted, and the tissue is ground up and extracted through a tube. The perks are that healing can be as quick as 2 weeks. But the downsides can be huge.

The morcellator grinds up that vast majority of the tissue, but it does leave some cells behind. If those cells happen to be cancerous, the morcellator does nothing but aggravate them, spread them throughout the abdomen, and cause them to start growing and spreading rapidly. This procedure, that was designed to reduce discomfort, ends up causing the woman to suffer from a potentially terminal illness.

Preventing Cancer

If you want to prevent cancer, you should eat right, get plenty of exercise, and avoid high risk activities. But keep in mind that even by going through all of these steps you could still randomly develop cancer (among healthy people there are a lot of cases of random cancer). Besides, being healthy makes life so much more fun.