Refurbished Alienware Gaming Computers

Are you considering refurbished Alienware gaming computers? Well I was too and I did some research that I’ll share in this article. With a lot of technology, buying refurbished can save you a lot of money and you can still get a great piece of tech that’s perhaps one or two generations old. In the tech world, this may only translate to 6 months or a year old, which is totally acceptable to most people.

When it comes to Alienware, buying refurbished can be a bit trickier, at least if you’re goal is to save a substantial amount of money over buying new. As you may be aware, Dell purchased Alienware in 2006. This led to quicker production times for Alienware but also subjected them to Dell’s tightly controlled refurbishing process. The most obvious place to get refurbished Alienware’s is at Dell’s outlet site. I browsed through the site and their inventory at the time of this writing was 2 different Area-51 models and 3 different Aurora R3 models. Since the Area 51 is no longer sold new I’ll use the R3 for my example.

The middle priced Aurora R3 on the Outlet was priced at $1,929 and had these specs:

• Processor: Intel Core i7-2600 processor (8MB Cache, 3.4GHz)
• Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
• 1 TB SATA II Hard Drive (7200RPM)
• 6 GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1333MHz (2X2G/2X1G)
• 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
• 1.5 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450

I then proceeded to the Alienware site and spec’d out a brand new Aurora with as close to identical specs as I could get. Here’s what I came up with:

• Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K (Six Core, 12MB Cache) Overclocked up to 3.9Ghz
• Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
• 1TB SATA 6Gb/s (7,200RPM)
• 8GB Quad Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz
• 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
• 1.25GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

As you can see, the machines are very similar. The new machine has a faster processor (which was the lowest speed available on a new machine), 2GB more RAM and the RAM is faster and a slightly better video card, albeit with less RAM. And guess what the price is? $2,199!

In my opinion, why would you ever want to purchase the refurbished machine? For $270 dollars you get a much better machine, and if you are going to spend nearly $2k even on the refurbished machine why not just get new when you know there will not be any problems? That is definitely the way I would go.

You could probably find refurbished machines a little cheaper at 3rd party retailers, but then you don’t know what their refurbish process is and how quality the machine will be. If you’re going to go with the trusted refurbishing at Dell, why not go new? I think you’ll agree that refurbished Alienware gaming computers are not a good enough deal to justify the uncertainty!