Refurbished Digital Cameras and Refurbished Laptop Computers, Worth Your Money?

Buying refurbished computers requires a little bit of research. A quality brand, such as apple or asus, is a must when it comes to any kind of electronics purchase. It is also important to know what was wrong with the product in the first place which caused it to require refurbishment. If the issue was minor, such as a broken screen or a scratched housing, chances are that the product is a good deal. However, if the damage is more severe, such as a damaged motherboard, you are taking a bit of a risk. When there has been more significant damage, the price will usually be lower, around the $100 mark. When less damage has occurred, expect to pay about half price, probably around $500. – California

Buying refurbished cameras or laptops is something that I would consider. I would look for something of a premium brand name (Nikon, Canon, Macbook) and would only consider buying it if the price is more than 30 percent less than buying a brand new product. Also, before purchasing I would research to see what experience others had with purchasing the refurbished camera or laptop that I am considering. – San Jose

Buying refurbished laptops and digital cameras is a hard decision, it would all depend on the specification of the product and the age it is since it was newly released on the market. If the item was less than a year old and in good condition then yes a think i would buy refurbised laptop. especially if it was of a high spec including a fast processor and more memory than an equivalent new laptop. as for a digital camera i probably would not purchase a refurbished one because i am not a big photographer and would only want something that is easy to use and fast to set up. therefore as long as the picture quality is good i would not be interested in other features and would just go for a new budget one. – Miami

Buying refurbished electronics can be a great way to save money. However, it can also be risky. You need to make sure you are purchasing them from a company with a good reputation, and find out if they have a return policy or warrant with their refurbished products also. I would probably be more likely to buy a refurbished digital camera before a laptop. I use my laptop so frequently that I would be worried about it not being the best quality. I use it for work and school so if something would go wrong with it, it would be put in a difficult stop. I would rather go with the digital camera. I do not use mine every day, so if something did go wrong with it I wouldn’t be at the big of a loss. If I was going to a buy a refurbished electronic product I would most likely get it from Best Buy. They have a large selection of refurbished products and are a nationwide company. They will probably be more of a help if something would go wrong than a smaller private company would be. I have purchased new products there before and know they only sell things of the best quality. I think it’s safe to assume they would only sell good quality refurbished products as well. – New York