Refurbished iPod Nano Deals

Looking for refurbished iPod Nano deals? In this article I’ll break down how much you can expect to save by buying used or refurbished and point you to some places where you can buy them. I love my Nano. The new ones are so small you hardly even know they’re there and they have plenty of space to have plenty of workout music.

The main problem with any Apple gear is that it is very expensive, which I’m sure is why you’re looking for refurbished iPods. But there’s a problem with refurbishing for Apple products. That is that the only time I really trust that it is refurbished properly is if it’s done by Apple. Apple does have a section on their web store that is dedicated to refurbished items and from everything I’ve experienced and read about it Apple’s refurbs are very high quality.

But the price is NOT that much lower! For example, currently the newest Nano in 8GB size is $129 if you buy it brand new from Apple. The refurbished Nanos of the same model are $109. This is only $20 cheaper. For me, this is not worth buying a refurbished item if that’s all I can save by doing so. I’d rather have a brand new one that I know is new and never had any problems.

If you truly want to save money, you may want to consider buying a used Nano from somewhere like eBay or Amazon. You can take a look at the seller to make sure they’re reputable, and with Amazon you can often even find a seller who fulfills their orders through Amazon so you can still get access to super fast shipping through Amazon’s Prime program (if you’re a member).

I’m a Prime member and have been for a few years now and I totally love it. Amazon has great prices, you get 2 day shipping free with Prime and in most states you don’t have to pay sales tax which is definitely not true with buying from Apple.

I’ve linked to a few iPods on Amazon below, as you can see they have great prices. Check out the Nano you want and take a look through the used ones for sale to see if any look like a great deal. With a little luck, your search for refurbished iPod Nano deals could get you a Nano at a great price!