Refurbished Laptops Under 200 Dollars with XP

Refurbished laptops for under 200 dollars with XP are possible. In the fast moving world we live in, computers play an important part. It is almost impossible to go through a day without having to access directly or indirectly some form of automated machine. A few years back, you could still get by without knowing anything about computers. Times have changed, it is now very important to have at least one computer at home either for homework, or for entertainment. It is very interesting that everyone wants to own a new computer. However, those with limited finance often opt to buy refurbished laptops. Most used laptops under $200 run on older operating systems. Many people, who know a little about computers and technology, feel that Microsoft XP is one of the best operating system of the last decade. That is true to a certain extent because Microsoft Vista was considered a bloat-ware by many.

These Cheap Computers are NOT New

What should you know about refurbished laptops under $200 with XP? First of all, you will not be getting a brand-new PC. However, you will get an offer from brands like Acer, Asus, Hp and more. When you are buying a used or refurbished computer, it is important to bear in mind the processing power. The more powerful the processor the better your computer will perform. Another important thing to consider is the memory also known as RAM. This in conjunction with the processor will ensure all that your programs function properly.

What Do You Need From a Computer?

If you only need a computer to surf the web, check e-mails, chat with friends on Facebook or just use a word processor, a cheap refurbished laptop under $200 will do the job. Checking online is the best way to get good deals. You will be able to compare performance and prices. However, you should only buy from reputable websites. Some people have been known to lie about the performance of a computer they are trying to sell. There is also the fact that some of these refurbished laptops include software that are not licensed. You need to know that software cost more than hardware. Anyone offering to sell a refurbished PC with software applications will likely not include licenses.

Where to Buy Cheap Computers for Sale

EBay and Craigslist are one of the best locations for refurbished laptop under $200 with XP. The great thing about shopping there is that you will get to see people’s review about the seller. It is also important to see if the seller offers free shipping. At times, shipping can add about 25% to the cost of the laptop you intend to buy.

You may also want to check out the websites of top brands like Dell, HP, Sony, eMachines, and some others to find great clearance pricing on reconditioned netbooks. Keep this in mind as you look at refurbished laptops cheap with XP.