Rehabilitation And Sober Living Dr. Drew Shows How Others Cope With Addiction

In his VH1 reality show about sober living, Dr. Drew Pinsky helps celebrities recover from drugs and alcohol abuse. The show, called ‘Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House’ follows on from his previous reality TV show about addiction, called Celebrity Rehab. In both shows, the message is about rehabilitation and sober living. Dr. Drew plays an important role in providing the tools for these celebrities to flight their addictions and recover their lives.

These shows are interesting because they give us some insight into sober living. Dr. Drew provides the infrastructure required for these people to turn their lives around. Addiction is an awful place to be, and it is a real challenge for these celebrities to get themselves clean of drugs and alcohol. By giving us some insight into celebrity sober living, Dr. Drew is also showing us what thousands of Americans are currently going through, trying to recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Sober Living: Dr. Drew isn’t the only practitioner

There are facilities to promote sober living throughout the United States. New Found Life Sober Living House, Delray Beach in Florida also provides similar assistance for less famous but equally troubled addicts and alcoholics. People who come to Delray Beach know they are going to be supported through their addiction. There are mandatory, periodical drug and alcohol tests to ensure people haven’t relapsed, another important keystone in sober living, Dr. Drew would say. The sober living houses have live-in managers who monitor their progress and help people recover.

Most importantly for sober living Dr. Drew would agree, the sober living houses provide counseling to help people battling drug and alcohol abuse recover their lives. This is important, because at some point these people are going to return to their lives. It is important that they don’t return to that lifestyle as well, another key factor in sober living, Dr. Drew would agree. This counseling helps them work through why they feel the need to get drunk or take drugs, atone for their previous behavior and take steps to free themselves from drugs and alcohol.

In this shows about rehabilitation and sober living, Dr. Drew takes us into a world where famous people have to face the difficult and tragic issues that come from drug and alcohol abuse. What makes the show interesting is watching these people overcome. By working helping the celebrities into sober living, Dr. Drew is helping them free themselves from drugs and alcohol and get their lives back. It makes for compelling TV, as when they recover, these people are true heroes.