Released WordPress 3.5 ‘Elvin’

WordPress 5.3 has been released [codename] Elvin in honor of Elvin Jones Jazz musician, the version upgrade is good for functionality as it is a version that incorporates many changes. This update does not affect the content, themes or plugins currently installed.

In this version highlights some significant changes in the JavaScript libraries used and new multimedia manager. Although there are no outstanding security fixes in this release, several bugs have been fixed with new features added.

Highlight the new charger and improved multimedia previews of themes which improves image loading content within WordPress. In this new version disappears paragraph or link management section now managed by menus, it does not disappear for earlier versions upgrade to the 3.5 only for new installations.

Twenty Twelve is set as default theme with adaptive design for mobile devices and designed to support the retina display of the MacBook Pro and other similar devices from Apple.

The latest stable release of WordPress 3.5 is available in two file formats (zip or tar.gz). If you have no idea what to do with this download, we recommend reviewing the steps below on Updating WordPress or refer to the official documentation of the project.