Remember Dad Today, Don't Wait for Father's Day

Father’s day is quickly upon us and having lost my father a few years ago, my mind tends to wander back to the celebrations we had while he was with us. He was not one to get mushy or sentimental at least not outwardly, but the cards and gifts my sister and I created for him with our two hands would be proudly placed on display in his shop.

He instilled a strong work ethic in my sister and I. Even though he often worked from set up to sundown, he would spend time with us teaching us how to safely use his table jigsaw and encouraged us to be creative.

He shared another interest with us. Father took us along with him to another one of his part time jobs on occasion and we looked forward to these excursions immensely, as he worked as a pit mechanic. Examining the race cars was a big thrill for two little girls and watching the race car driving even more. Father took a great pride in the quality of his work and it showed in everything he did. He often said anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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Fathers are cut from a special cloth. Even though they work long hours to support their family and may be away from them for extended lengths of time they do take a moment or two to instill values in their children. It is more about the lives they live than the words they speak.

Father’s instill us with many fundamental ideals. Perhaps you may be looking at the position with cynicism and feel that you have been shortchanged somehow. I was. As a child father was the disciplinarian and the critic but never the one who nourished. He was too busy to come to award ceremonies, plays or even my high school graduation. Our mother was encouraging while Father was impossible to please.

But when I graduated from basic training as our troops were falling into formation to begin our graduation day parade I glanced up and to my shock saw him and my mother standing on the sidelines. They drove from Michigan to Alabama to watch me graduate. I don’t know what strings they had to pull to get the time off from both of their jobs to come, but there they were. My parents were not ones to vacation and I could not remember us ever taking a vacation so them taking their prized time off to visit me was really touching!

I wish father was here now so I could wish him a happy father’s day. There were many times I felt at odds with him, but this now seems so insignificant. The time you have with your loved ones is precious. Enjoy it and make the most out of it. Tomorrow is promised to no one. We should not wait for father’s day to tell our father we appreciate him. Do it today.