Remote Control R2D2 RC Toy Review

A review of a new rc toy the remote control R2D2 which is a new star wars rc toy.

If you are a fan of rc toys, you would notice that in this past 10 years, the progress on technological feat of RC toys has advanced so much that there are rc toy helicopters that can control themselves in the air, rc planes that is as fast as a real jet. Rc cars that can drift just like a real car and rc tanks that can pull a real 4WD car. But in terms of remote control robots, there are not that many even if there are now several hundreds of rc toy cars and rc toy planes that you can buy and play with. Toy robots are left to be a toy for kids that once turned on just spin around in random and swings his arms in the air but now there is a real rc robot toy that you can play and it is the remote control R2D2.

The remote control R2-D2 is more rc toy car than other ground base rc toys like a rc tank. The size is also comparable with a rc toy car but that is where similarities between a traditional toy car ends and the rest are the big difference with RC toy Cars. The R2 D2 remote control has a controller that is shaped like a sword hilt that is similar in appearance with the hilt of the lightsaber jedi uses in star wars while in normal rc toy cars, they are mostly square shaped or the gun type controller. There is a button that you would not see normally in rc toy cars and that is the sound button. Because of the radio control R2D2 Rc toy being based on the R2D2 astromech droid, the maker of this radio controlled R2 D2 has included the sounds making it better than just being categorized as a rc toy car with a body of R2D2. There is also a light that turns on and off when your R2D2 RC speaks. That light is to indicate if your star wars robot is talking or not. Your remote R2D2 star wars toy also moves his head like he is looking around while moving.

But the biggest problem you might encounter with your star wars remote control R2D2 is that it is based on old rc toy car controls which means no left and right turns. This would make maneuverability of your star wars toy R2D2 a little bit harder than normal rc toy cars you can buy today. While even with this problem of the R2D2 remote control, this star wars IR RC clone wars R2D2 is still a good buy star wars toy because it is only the star wars rc that is based on the star wars R2D2 robot.

A RC toy review about a new remote control star wars toy which is the remote control R2D2.