Remove Calcium With a Whole House Water Filter System – Removing Contaminants Makes Your Water Better

If your body is sensitive to having too much calcium, then you will want to remove calcium with a whole house water filter system. A whole house filter system is easy to install and with multiple filter options, you are able to remove a whole variety of contaminants besides calcium, as you can also remove chemicals, iron, and even sediment.

How Does It Work?

A whole house filter works by connecting to the primary water line that comes into your home, so that all of your toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showersÂ… even your dishwasher and washing machine, dispense the filtered water. This way you can insure that you will be able remove calcium or any other contaminants with a whole house water filter system. A typical installation with a whole house water filter involves connecting to the primary water source before it goes into your hot water heater. Because the contaminants in the water supply may also affect your lawns or gardens on your property, some may also attempt filtration to their outside watering needs. If you have access to your slab or use a well system, this can be done.

Which Filter To Get?

What filter you get depends on what you need to remove from you water. In this instance, if you know that you need to remove calcium with a whole house water filter system, then you need to get a filter that will absorb calcium. If you have other contaminants in your water supply, then you will need to determine what exactly you want to remove from the water. For instance, if you receive water from the city, you’ll likely also want to consider removing chlorine. If you are connected with a well, then sediment and iron deposits may be your primary concerns, as well as items possibly leaking into your well. If you have questions about what you would like to have removed from your water, simply contact your local water department for an analysis or hire a professional who can test your well.

Can’t I Just Use a Water Softener?

No. A water softener simply removes the hard minerals from the water and leaves the other contaminants behind with a specific type of filter that is often cheaper, which is why many people attempt to filter their water this way. In order to remove calcium with a whole house water filter system, you must use the specified filters designed for the specific contaminants you wish to address in your water supply.

Is Water Filtration Safe?

Completely. If you want to remove calcium with a whole house wear filter system, go right ahead and do it – there is no evidence that removing any minerals, chemicals, or sediment is harmful to your health. However, if you are sensitive to specific chemicals or minerals, a filtration system can actually improve your health.

If you want to remove calcium with a whole house water filter system, it is important to look at multiple options when it comes to equipment, filters, and ease of installation, because you will find that some filter systems may not be for you.