News Remove Dark Circles for a Better Outlook in Life

Remove Dark Circles for a Better Outlook in Life


“Blue eyed hag,” this was the typical slang during the era of Shakespeare and it basically pertains to a lady that looks evil, with all those ugly dark circles below her eyes. It is just the perfect example to show how people from all ages and sex hate those dark circles that can only make their outlook subdued, fatigued, and worse, ugly. However, what really causes these dark circles below your eyes?

There are various reasons that can cause the development of dark circles, heredity being the most common one. Individuals who have been born with much thinner skin below their eyes usually have exposed dark veins below and this is what appears as the dark circles. Sleep shortage and fatigue can also cause dark circles, as well as pregnancy and sinus problems. The skull’s bony structure in which the eyes are set deeply might also develop shadows that are also referred to as dark circles. When there is an increase in the pigmentation level of the sun, this can also cause tanning of the under eye area that later leads to dark circles.

There are several medications that can cause the dilation of blood vessels that appear dark when revealed through lighter skin below the eyes that can cause dark circles. Insufficiency in several nutrients in your diet might also induce dark circles. Imbalances in hormonal levels as a result of pregnancy, menstruation or menopause might also cause the development of dark shadows under your eyes. As you age, the skin below your eyes also turn darker. But if there is an endless list as to why dark circles appear, there are also ways to treat the problem naturally. Below are some of the home remedies that can help remove dark circles.

• Cucumber is among the best skin toner and astringents that you can find in the market these days. By hand or using a food processor, grate some cucumber and squeeze out the juice. Dip two balls of cotton in the juice and then put this on your under eye dark circles. Let it stand for several minutes before you remove them. This will not just relax your eyes but can also eradicate the dark circles.

• You can also take potato if you do not like cucumber and similar process might be used as mentioned above.

• If you have a sweet tooth, you should know that you are more at risk of developing these dark circles. What you should do instead is to abstain from consuming all kinds of sweets and chocolates.

Remove Dark Circles for a Better Outlook in Life
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