Removing Virus using Microsoft Virus Tool

Viruses are annoyances that not only lower system performance, but also lead to system failure at times. However, if you are aware of the virus infection in your PC then you can easily deal with it. This article is all about removing virus while using the Microsoft virus removal tool.

Viruses can be a total annoyance to your system. However, if you are aware of it then you will know how to deal with it and easily eliminate them using Microsoft virus tool. If you are unsure that your system has virus infection then, it can be a bit of trouble. Nonetheless, it is all about being aware of it and eliminating the threat. You should know about the signs of infection to be able to eliminate them.

Detecting Virus

If your system is virus infected then, you should remove the infections immediately. It is through an online virus check or free virus scan that you can know of virus infection. Using Microsoft Safety Scanner is one such example of a virus scanner. This tool helps in disk clean and gives you the advantage of removing files while improving PC performance.

If you do not know that your system has a virus then, you need to check out for some signs of infection.

On internet connectivity

• if you can establish connectivity to the internet and launch a web page then conduct a search for free online scan and run an online scan
• Now when you reach the website you can launch the online scan
• If you want to use the Microsoft Security then, go to the web page of Microsoft Safety Scanner
• Download the scanner by clicking the Download Now button and follow the on-screen instructions

No Internet Connectivity

If you are not able to connect to the internet then you need to boot your system to safe mode and apply the following steps:

• To enable booting to Safe Mode you need to reboot your system
• Power off your system and when the logo appears keep pressing the F8 Key till you see a page with Advance Boot Option
• Once you reach the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ screen, highlight Safe Mode with Networking by using the arrow keys, and press Enter key
• Using your account credentials login to your system, remember for this you need admin rights to the system
• You will be automatically guided with on-screen steps by the Microsoft Safety Scanner
After finishing the above-mentioned process, you should be able to work normally. If you still cannot access your internet even after the Safe Mode procedure then there is another method. The method of resetting your IE or Internet Explorer proxy is required. Apply the following steps to make changes in the Windows registry:

Proxy settings reset for IE

• Assuming that you are using Windows 7, go to the Start button-> Search box, enter Run, hit OK
• A list of search results will appear hit Run
• If you are running system on Windows Vista or Windows XP, then go to Start-> Run, now copy the following command in the dialog box:

“reg add ‘HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings’ /v ProxyEnable /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f”

Restart the IE when the process is complete and then again scan your system.

How to delete or remove virus?

Sometimes, even after taking all the necessary measures the viruses in your system refuse to leave. At times like these, you need to opt for manual virus removal.

It is a bit of a technical process that requires tech experience as it requires working with Windows Registry. You will need to view and delete some entries and files in Windows.

Initially, you should know which type of virus has infected the system by installing an antivirus program or carrying out an online virus check. You need to find out manually the signs if your antivirus program is not able to detect them.

You need to keep an eye on and note down the words that appear in a message that you received in an unknown e-mail conversation. You should also pay attention to the subject line or the link displayed in the message body or the file attachment.

Now conduct an online search for antivirus vendor website with reference to the keywords that you just obtained. Try to find out any clue related to how to fix a virus, you might just chance upon the manual on how to delete or remove the virus by the antivirus vendor website.

Quick tips

When you have successfully removed the virus from the system, you will need to reinstall the software and retrieve the files that are missing. You take regular backups of your PC for data storage and retrieval. If you have not done a backup activity earlier then, it is time that you begin doing it now.