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Removing Windows Startup Programs

It always creates trouble when you keep installing software on your system as it makes the Windows slow. It means that when you attempt to start up the Windows it takes relatively longer time to boot up. Programs keep adding up to the startup list, and this makes it difficult to load earlier.

The thing, to notice, is the clutter that is caused by installing various programs added in the startup list. You should understand that you need to make changes in the Windows Startup programs to make it better. The list of programs that you do not require should be done away with immediately.

Working with Windows 7, Vista, or XP

Every program need not sit in the start up or the boot process. However, you can keep some programs that are essential and do away with the rest. It is all about disabling the programs that you no longer require. Programs like firewall and antivirus software are essential to keep in the boot menu. Other unused programs take up the boot consumption time that delays the boot process. For this reason, it becomes essential to remove or disable them. Using a tool like MSConfig you can easily remove the unwanted programs. You will be able to analyze and check which programs you require to keep in the list. You can choose to disable such startup programs that you no longer require. Apart from these, you can also use the MSConfig tool for configuring other programs too. In order to utilize this utility, you need to apply the following steps carefully.

• Go to the Start menu option on your desktop and in the search box enter msconfig.exe

• Click on the option of msconfig.exe and hit ‘Enter’

• If you are running the system on Windows XP, then you need to type the option of msconfig.exe in the edit box and then click OK

• Go to the System Configuration window where you need to click the Startup tab

• A list of programs will appear with checkboxes against each program. Remember the programs which are tagged to the startup, will get selected by default.

• You will need to individually select each checkbox against a given program. It will help to prevent it from firing up during the boot. Doing this will remove the option from the boot menu. Click OK once you finish un-checking the boxes.

• A dialog box appears that will tell you to restart your computer to apply the changes made.

Working with Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10

When you are working with or running Windows 8 and 8.1 you need not go through a complicated process of removing applications from startup. You just need to launch the Task Manager.
Right click on Taskbar or use the option of simultaneously pressing the Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys to display the Task Manager.

Go to the Startup Tab-> Disable button

If these options are not displayed, then you need to check out the More Details option.

Using CCleaner

A free PC utility like CCleaner is a great tool when it comes to disabling programs in the startup.
Go to CCleaner-> Tools; click the option of Startup to reveal the programs that are pinned to startup.

When the programs appear that are already in the list you can disable startup programs from the list. The Enabled column will indicate the programs that are already there. You can choose to disable the programs from the window, select the program and click the option of Disable. If you want to enable programs, then the option is present in the same window, just select and hit ‘Enable’ option.

If you go for the Pro version of CCleaner, then you need to shell out $24.95. The benefit of opting for the Pro version is that of priority technical support.

Remember that when you are working with CCleaner you will need to perform a manual restart. The utility will not prompt you to reboot the system.

On a closing note, you need to remember that some of the applications should be configured manually. It is essential to stop it from pinning the application to the boot menu. If you do not configure then chances, are that the applications will automatically attach to the boot menu.

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