Renovating Basement Costs for Your Basement Renovation

Just thinking about renovating basement costs can be stressful if you are going to consider tackling basement renovations. Basement renovation costs can be quite high if you don’t have a checklist and basement renovation plans. Basement development is expensive when you have a clean slate to work with and can be just as pricey remodelling and renovating a finished basement. So the basement renovation cost is important to focus on before you start ripping and tearing your basement apart. You do not want to get caught with rooms pulled apart and find out you don’t have enough money to continue with your renovation. Basement renovations cost quite a bit and so they should if you are upgrading materials and having to hire certain trades to complete the work for you. What you need to figure out now is exactly what it will cost to renovate your basement, or at least come close. You can expect to have one or two surprises when you renovate anything. Let me help you get a grasp on what to consider when calculating these costs.

Basement remodelling costs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg if you plan ahead. Try to figure out everything or as much as you can figure out as far as what needs to be done. First thing to do is decide on what rooms you will be focusing on as well as what rooms you will not be focusing on. You need to design a plan if you are adding or taking out walls or the same for cabinetry etc. You want to make sure everything fits.

To try to estimate costs focus on each section of your renovation and research the cost for each finding out materials needed and their costs and labour costs involved if you will be hiring someone. For instance the first cost you will come across is the demolition portion of your project. Do you have to haul the rubbish away yourself or are you hiring someone to demolish and dispose of the materials. How much are demolition, hauling and landfill costs?

Next up is the basement refinishing cost you need to think of. Do you need permits? You probably do depending on the basement building code in your area. How much do the permits cost? Next is the cost of lumber and gyproc (drywall) if you are redoing walls. Don’t forget to include the cost of any electrical, plumbing or furnace ducts that need to run through these walls.

You might also need to install HDMI cables, phone lines, speaker wires and other device cables. Maybe even insulation if they are outer walls or inner walls and you are insulating with sound proofing or fire retardant insulation. Once you get the walls figured out it is time to consider your flooring. There are many ways to finish your floor, some people install dricor sub floor to help protect against moisture. Whichever route you take with your floor make sure to ask about any other materials you might need to improve and protect the quality of your flooring. With your walls and floors figured out you can now estimate the cost for baseboard and casing.

If you are dry-walling your ceiling make sure you get everything in the ceiling like electrical wiring, speaker wire, furnace ducts etc before you dry-wall. If you are installing a t-bar ceiling then you don’t have to worry but you still need to decide what you want in your ceiling so you can price it out. Last things to consider with your basement finishing costs are paint and any extra trim or moulding.

There are other things you might think about like a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace. Custom shower, sauna. Just make sure to take your time when designing your basement and research the costs of all of your materials before you pull out the wrecking bar and start your demolition. If you are hiring a contractor get a quote and make sure everything you want done is written down in a service contract so there are no misunderstandings. Trying to figure out renovating basement costs can be a bit stressful but if you take your time and do your research there won’t be any surprises and you might end up actually enjoying the whole process.