Renovating Bathroom Checklist Help

Before starting your bathroom renovation you need to have a renovating bathroom checklist of all of the work you want to complete and all of the features you want when you are done. Your checklist can be as simple as writing down the tasks you know you need to complete to get the renovation completed. With my 20 plus years of renovating and plumbing experience I am going to help you create the checklist you need. The purpose of this article is to help you in the beginning stages of planning your bathroom renovation in what to consider and think about. A couple of other things you will want to focus on is the amount of time it might take to complete the renovation and most importantly even before you start ripping out your old toilet is how much you estimate the job to cost you, which you should be able to do once you choose your new plumbing fixtures and supplies. Costing out a job is sometimes hard when you don’t have much experience performing the tasks so figuring out material costs up front will help you budget, as long as you stick to your checklist.

First thing you should be doing is checking prices on new toilets and vanities and tubs or showers. Depending on how much you are tearing out you will want to possibly cost out the following list for flooring depending on how you want to finish it, sub floor regardless of finish product, linoleum and glue, hardwood and nails, laminate and foam padding, tile and mortar and grout and maybe some sealant. You will also need the tools required to finish any of those jobs, just ask the salesperson you purchase the flooring from what you need. That checklist should get you the flooring and supplies you need.

Next thing to think about is what size of vanity you want to install. The best way to figure that out is to measure the space you’re putting it in to see how big the area is you are working with. Do you want one sink or two sinks, do you want a vessel style sink that sits on top of the vanity or a granite counter top and sink, do you want to save some money and purchase the Arborite type counter that you cut a hole in and drop a sink in?

Next on your list should be your toilet. Toilets are pretty basic, they fill up with water and they drain water so they haven’t evolved much over the years. The tanks however do come with dual flush and just low flush now which is great if you are interested in helping to conserve water and saving yourself a bit of money if you pay for water in your area. You can buy one piece toilets and the traditional two piece toilets. I haven’t installed a one piece yet but I have heard that they can be a bit of a pain to install. I don’t know why though so I won’t say anything else. Two pieces are typically cheaper than the one piece as well. My recommendations for a toilet is pick one that is made by a company you think you can trust and don’t purchase a smaller size toilet.

Buy a good size piece of porcelain that will serve your purposes. You can’t go wrong with an American Standard or Crane toilet, but there are others that are just as good. Ask your retailer what they recommend.
You might want to replace your bath tub or shower or possibly turn a bath tub into a custom shower What is important here is measuring the opening you have for your tub from unfinished wall to unfinished wall. Standard tub lengths are 60” and will vary in widths. If you are putting in a new tub you have to decide what to finish the wall with, tub surround, tiles or maybe you don’t take showers and just want to paint the wall. If you tile the walls make sure you have cement board or mold resistant gyproc on your walls at minimum. If you are installing a tub that has power jets you will need to wire it in and will want to contact an electrician for that as some tubs require being on their own breaker.

Last few things to consider and have on your checklist is paint colors, baseboard and casings, medicine chests and mirrors, window treatments, lighting and fans or maybe your home has an air exchanger you can connect to. You might also consider installing a TV so will want to make sure you have the proper wiring for that in place. I hope you are able to use my renovating bathroom checklist to help you with your bathroom renovation and good luck.