Renovating Kitchen on a Budget – A Renovation Checklist and How to

Trying to save money renovating kitchen on a budget is a hard task but not impossible. You can renovate a kitchen cutting some costs and still end up with a beautiful kitchen when done. Renovating a kitchen can be anything from just a fresh paint job and trim to ripping out old cupboards and moving or taking out walls. Definitely the first thing you need to have before you do anything is to have a plan in place.

Kitchen Renovating Plan Checklist

New floor plan design. Before tearing anything out of your kitchen make sure you have a plan drawn out even if you are just replacing cabinets and not moving walls it is good to get measurements down on paper. You will less likely make mistakes this way and you might even come up with more ideas than if you would have just used a tape measure and wrote down your cupboard measurements. Creating a floor plan design for your kitchen renovations will help to ensure your project goes smoothly and that you do not miss anything.

Make a list of the tasks ahead. Even though you have a floor plan and know in your head what you will be doing you still need to write down all of the tasks involved again to make sure you don’t forget anything. Another important reason for writing down the tasks is that this is the way you are going to price out your project.

Pricing out your kitchen renovation. Whether you are doing your kitchen Reno yourself to save money or hiring a contractor you can still price out the cost of the job. Since you have already taken the time to list out all of the tasks involved in your renovation you can use that list to price out materials to help you come to an approximate cost for the work to be done.

Pricing out labour costs. Unless you have experience in renovating a home especially renovating a kitchen you might have a hard time figuring out how much labour would cost you to hire tradesmen. You can however look at your list of tasks and calculate how many hours you think it might take to complete each one and use a dollar value for an hourly rate say somewhere around $75 to figure out what it might cost to hire someone. If you know what the different trades charge then you will have an easier time figuring this number out.
Of course if you are really trying to renovate a kitchen on a budget then you will probably want to do the work yourself.

Ways to save on renovation costs. With the high cost of housing and the uncertainty of job security these days trying to save on renovation costs is a great idea. It’s definitely cheaper to renovate what you have than move into a newer more expensive home. Here are some easy ways to save money when renovating kitchen on a budget.

– Paint kitchen cupboards instead of replacing them.

– Just replace cupboard doors instead of the whole cupboard.

– If you must replace your whole kitchen cupboards try to buy at a discount kitchen cabinet store or find cupboards on sale at big box stores like Home Depot.

– Used cupboards can be found at great discount prices in your local classified sections.

– Don’t pick the most expensive flooring. Chances are if you are staying in this home for more than another 10 years you will probably want to change the material again when styles change.

– Do the same with any tile you purchase for flooring or walls. You don’t need the most expensive tile to have a beautiful kitchen.

– Don’t get caught up in buying granite or quartz counter tops unless you are staying in the house for the rest of your life. These products are extremely expensive and let’s face it, what happens if your taste changes in a few years? You’re probably still paying off counter tops so you won’t want to change them. Arborite counter tops were good enough for your parents so they are probably good enough for you. Plus cheaper counter tops have come a long way over the last few decades and you can get incredibly beautiful products for reasonable prices.

– If you are buying new appliances for your newly renovated kitchen you are probably looking at stainless steel appliances. If you won’t use all of the features then why spend the money on features you will never use. Think of the last LCD TV you purchased will all of the extra functionality and have never even used it. You could have saved money on the TV and now you will definitely save money on your stove and refrigerator.

– When it comes to selecting the brand of paint you use consider going with a paint that does not have primer included. Paint the old school way of using a primer and then a couple of finish coats of paint. You will save money this way. Paint that has the primer included is very expensive. The most important things to consider when choosing paint is the colour and the proper sheen for your kitchen.

– If you have friends that are skilled in any of the tasks you need to get completed in your renovation make sure to ask them for help. You will have to ask them though even if they know you are renovating. People can’t read your mind so make sure to ask a friend for help. Also make sure you return the favour some day and while they are helping it would be good to have food and beverages there for them.