Renovating Living Room Ideas

I can help you come up with some great renovating living room ideas and make sure you consider everything before you get started. As the owner of a renovation business I come across all kinds of living rooms and ideas for living rooms from a wide variety of people and sources. It is common knowledge that renovating a bathroom or renovating a kitchen is a good idea if you are planning on selling anytime soon.

If you want to enjoy the time you spend in your home then updating and renovating the living room is the room to focus on. Other than sleeping in your bedroom most people spend the most time in their homes in the living or family room. I am going to give you some remodelling living room ideas that will help you design a living room of your dreams. Ok so here are some great living room renovation ideas.

First thing to do is decide what you don’t like about your current space. Write down the cons and while you’re at it write down the pros because you want to get rid of what you don’t like and keep what you do enjoy. When I renovate a living room the first thing I do is tear out everything that needs to be replaced or just torn out. If you have carpet you might be considering installing laminate flooring, hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring which is cheaper than traditional hardwood but as easy as laminate to install.

Next thing you might want to do is tear out a wall or part of a wall. Just make sure the wall is not a load bearing wall. If the wall runs perpendicular to the roof trusses it is a load bearing wall and you do not want to tear it out. You could cut out a hole in the wall to have an opening to create the feeling of a larger space. If the wall runs the same way as the trusses then you can rip it out, if you are just not sure then ask someone whether it is someone you know or a forum on the internet.

Another great way to spruce up your living room is to replace and doors and baseboards and casings. Painting is a cheap way to make a huge difference in the feel of your space. Try painting your baseboards and casings a darker color than the walls. Traditionally they would be painted lighter but darker is picking up in popularity. Another great living room idea is to add a fireplace to your living room.

If a gas fireplace is not a possibility in your home because of building codes or cost then consider an electrical fireplace that installs in your wall like a gas fireplace would. I just installed a 6’ long by 30” high electrical fireplace that comes with a remote control and displays numerous faux flames and even throws heat like a gas or wood fireplace. Of course you will have to do some framing and probably gyproc and mudding and taping but the end result will be worth it.

There are some excellent ideas to get you started with your renovating living room ideas.