Rent College TextBooks To Maximize Your GI Bill Book Stipend

Hi! My name is Eric and I’m a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran of eight years. I’m using the G.I. Bill (and the book stipend) to get through college, and I rent college textbooks. Why do I do this? Well I’ll tell you why.

Why I Rent College TextBooks

rent college textbooksWhen I first started attending my local Community College I bought used textbooks. I figured it was the obvious choice over buying new books, because they’re saving me money. Buying a used book at the college bookstore was about 20-25% cheaper than a new one. I don’t mind a few pen marks or anything that’s not perfect. So I bought my books used.

Then a classmate introduced me to a service to rent college textbooks online.

Rent textbooks? What? This is possible? I honestly had never heard of this concept before. Also, I must admit that I hated the idea. I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee to use my books. That would just be annoying. Plus, I didn’t want to be bothered with going to the post office, printing packaging labels, and paying shipping fees. This idea sounds horrible.

But that very next semester I was hurting for cash. Yes, I received my GI Bill book stipend. But the problem was I needed to use it to catch up on some bills. Financially irresponsible? Maybe. That $500 book stipend is a benefit that is hard not to spend in other places.

Where To Rent College TextBooks

The service that was introduced to me was a website called Chegg. Chegg not only lets you rent college textbooks, but all kinds of books. As it turns out, all my fears about monthly fees, packaging, and postage fees were things I didn’t have to worry about at all.

All you do is select the books you want to rent and pay for them up front. There is no monthly fee. Just one payment up front. Not only that, but they’ll send you an electronic PDF version of the book (if they have one available) that you can use until the books arrive in the mail. That’s my favorite thing about Chegg. Then, they also include a return postage and packing slip for you in the box. So when it’s time to return the books, you just put them back in the same box and stick the sticker on top and stick it in your local outgoing mailbox. If I knew I could rent college books sooner, I would have surely used Chegg

Not to mention it’s cheaper than even buying used books. In one case, renting a textbook from Chegg was about 80% cheaper for me than buying it used from the college bookstore.

I will be renting college textbooks from now on, to maximize the benefit of my GI Bill book stipend.